PM Ghar Tak Fibre Scheme 2021 – Optical Fibres Network to All Villages Under BharatNet

PM Ghar Tak Fibre Scheme 2021 – Optical Fibres Network to All Villages Under BharatNet

The government of India set a dream to digitize all the government offices and all the work of the government offices. To digitize the economy, an internet connection is must necessary. We can say today’s era is a digital era. However, in this pandemic situation, people are choosing a digital way than an offline way.

The government is also making all the facilities that have to provide to the citizens of India in an online mode. The government is launching any portals for the implementation of the scheme. For the government servant, the salary slip, leave applicant, insurance facilities are available now on an online mode.

All people can access their bank account through online mode. However, rural India is not that much affected by the digitization of India. They are still using the older process of doing things.

The government is recently trying to connect the village area of India to the digitization program. To achieve these purposes, the government is managing the internet facilities for the village.

To provide internet facilities to all the village area of India, The government has started a project name BharatNet. Under this project, the government will work toward giving a high-speed internet connection to the villages of India. We will discuss this project in this article.

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PM Ghar Tak Fibre Scheme 2021

As mentioned above, the government will provide an internet connection to all the nations’ small and big villages. The type of the internet will be optical fiber internet.

The scheme is named the PM Ghar Tak Fibre scheme 2021. This scheme is a collaboration between common service centers and the ministry of electronics and information technology.

Both departments are working under this scheme. The government’s aim behind this scheme that they will provide around 1.5 lakh village panchayats an optical fiber connection.

There will be a large number of people who are going to get so many benefits through this government scheme. It is sure that people who do not have an internet connection will surely get it through the PM Ghar Tak Fibre Scheme. The students will possibly be able to study online digitally from various platforms. While people can do so many things over the internet from banking transactions to register for various government schemes.

It will be surely possible that the government will be providing internet to each and every family through the optical fibre connection. So the PM Ghar Tak Fibre Scheme is indeed going to be a lot helpful for poor people residing in the villages.

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The reports also say that in the future, in 1000 days. So the government will connect all the villages of India through the optical fiber network. This scheme has also launched to give high-speed internet connectivity to the people of the nation.

Benefits of this PM Ghar Tak Fibre scheme:

with the help of this scheme, high-speed internet will be available to the rural area of India. The students can educate themselves with the use of online education. High-speed internet is available. The literacy level of India can be increased. The infrastructure development will also be done in the village area.

The development of the village will contribute to the high score in the smart village program of the government. All the towns that are situated in the scheduled area can be connected to the real world with the use of the internet.

CSC to Provide Home Broadband Internet Connectivity with the use of Fibre

The target of the government to provide optical fiber connectivity to the 45,945 villages and 8,900 panchayats. The government will get a wifi connection to all the towns and give digital literacy the internet in practical ways. Under this BharatNet project, the government will connect all the villages, talukas, districts, and states on the internet and facilitate them through many government schemes.

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The people will get information about the project in an online mode, and they can take the benefits of that scheme with the use of high-speed internet. Many ways will open for the government as well as the people of India if this project implements effectively.

Opening of New Areas of Income with Availability of Internet

There may be possibilities for the villagers to open many new areas for the business. Despite agriculture, they can promote their homemade product on the internet. They can get the return of their work through an online mode.

This way, we can increase the e-commerce sector of the nation. This pandemic has taught us to study online mode with the use of internet connectivity. People can order medicine online way with the help of the e-commerce sector. They can manage their bank account with the help of online banking facilities of the government.