PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: This is what the digital version of the console offers


The new generation of consoles will arrive with a version for digital games.


Along with the reveal of the final design for the PlayStation 5, Sony also unveiled the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, a digital version of the console with the same hardware as the base model, but without the 4K drive.

Along the same lines of futuristic design, the digital version of the PS5 has a narrower body, and according to Sony, “the PS5 gaming experience will be the same.” The Japanese company said on June 11 that the differences between the two consoles were only of design, since the gaming experience will be the same.

In an interview with the BBC, Jim Ryan, Sony’s chief executive said it was too early to talk about pricing, but that the idea of ​​launching the digital version of the PS5 was based on the fact that many users currently only buy games digitally for what “we thought we would do what we normally try to do and just offer options,” Ryan told the BBC.

However, the price should be less than the disk drive model, and the price difference could be around $ 50, based on the price difference between the Xbox One S All-Digital, Microsoft’s digital console, and Xbox One S. So far Microsoft has not announced the arrival of a second console, although it has been rumored that the Xbox Series X will have a digital version, console known under the code name Lockhart.

Along with the two models on the PlayStation 5, Sony also showed other gadgets that will come along with the consoles such as the Pulse 3D headphones, a remote control, a wireless charging station for the DualSense control and an HD camera.

The launch of the PlayStation 5 It is planned for the end of 2020, the same period in which its rival, the Xbox Series X.

Watch this:

This is the PlayStation 5 and the DualSense control


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