(Payment Status) Kanyashree Prakalpa Scheme: wbkanyashree.gov.in

(Payment Status) Kanyashree Prakalpa Scheme: wbkanyashree.gov.in

Women are the best creation of God. However, in today’s world, the situation of women is not that high positions. In every country, if they are developed, developing, or underdeveloped, the condition of women is the same all over the world, and that is not respectable.

In every country, women have to be shamed by their situation. Women have to face more problems than men. The less payment for the same work is paid to women than men. The men get more payment for the same work. This way, in the workplace, also women are differentiated.

If we talk about India, then it is in its worst condition. However, the governmnet is providing many laws against violence. The Indian governmnet and supreme court of India have protected the Indian women from the many violence bypassing the law in parliament.

Here, we will talk about the scheme that is launched by the state government of India for the betterment of women. There are so many government schemes that are specially made for the welfare of women. In this article, we are going to discuss one such scheme.

It is sure that if you have some interest in knowing about the government schemes that can help the women. Then you will have to make sure to go through this article to the end.

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About the Kanyashree Prakalpa Scheme:

The state government of West Bengal launched is a scheme for giving financial support to the teenage girls of the state.

Through this scheme, the government will provide the monthly incentive to the state girls for education purposes as we know that the poverty level in India is very low. The government of Bengal has decided to support the family of girls financially.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, financial liquidity is very low in the market. People are not doing expenditure. Due to the weak financial condition, the low-income family decided to drop the study of their children.

In between this condition, the government gives the solution by launching a scheme. This scheme will solve one problem of a low-income family, and that is the financial problem towards the education of the children, especially girls.

Under this scheme, the government will give the financial incentive to the teenage girls of the Bengal. This incentive will help the girls to do study and to prevent the marriage of the girls.

Through this scheme, the government aims to improve the status of the girls and encourage them to get admission in higher study. They do not have to drop their study due to financial problems.

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Due to the economic problem of the family, the elder member decides to marry the girl child against the law. The department of women’s development and social welfare has decided to launch this scheme for the betterment of teenage girls.

This scheme will also prevent the small age marriage of the girls. The girl can educate themselves with the help of financial support provided by the government.

Main objectives of the scheme:

The West Bengal government has launched this scheme in the year 2013. This scheme is also in force in West Bengal. This scheme is for low-income families. The government decided the boundary line for the income of the family in this scheme.

The family whose family income is not more significant than 1.2 lakh per annum will be eligible for this scheme.

Under this scheme, the government will pay 25000 to the teenage girls of the state for the education and the drop in the marriage. this scheme helps the girls of the state to help them admit to the higher education school.

Through this scheme, the enrollment of the girls will increase in the school high education department. The age of the girls should be in between 13 to 17 years is applicable. That means the girl’s age should be less than 17 years, and more than 13 years will be only relevant for this scheme.

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Scholarship Amount:

The Annual scholarship for the girls – Rs.1000 per month

One time grant for girls education -Rs.25,000

The girls who have admitted to the science stream- Rs.2500 per month

for the girls who have admitted to the arts stream- Rs. 2000 per month