ON VIDEO. Amanda Miguel, Diego Verdaguer and Ana Victoria impose their powerful ecological proclamation

The song was originally released three decades ago in the unmistakable voice of Amanda Miguel, and has since become one of the strongest hymns of environmentalism, that essential topic that seems to be sometimes disconnected from the Latino community.

Now, at a time when her lyrics are more current than ever, and despite the limitations imposed by the pandemic, Amanda herself has joined her husband Diego Verdaguer and her young daughter Ana Victoria to offer us a new version of the piece, titled “For tomorrow” and also captured in a striking video clip recorded under the rules of the ‘new normal’.

As it has happened with artists from all over the world, this family of Argentine origin has seen their musical work interrupted by the advance of the Covid-19, but they are managing to get ahead and present even new material to their fans, such as this song and other projects that were revealed during the interview by Zoom that they offered us today.

In the video of the same conversation, which you can see below, the three singers also talk about the curious letter they released in parallel with the recent launch, as well as the instability situations that the United States, a country in the one who are being quarantined.

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