Nintendo reveals a total of 300,000 accounts affected by hacker attack

300,000 users have been affected by an attack hackers to Nintendo services.

Óscar Gutiérrez / CNET

Nintendo updated the number of people affected by a attack of hackers at the beginning of this year.

On Tuesday, June 9, the Japanese company reported the discovery of 140,000 affected accounts, a figure that is in addition to the original figure of 160,000 affected accounts revealed in April. The total affected is now 300,000, according to Nintendo.

The video game company did not change the type of data that was leaked by the attack. Nintendo said user information such as user names, dates of birth, location regions and emails were leaked. Nintendo warns that this information may have reached third parties and that hackers They could have made digital purchases from the Nintendo virtual store.

Nintendo’s announcement mentions that users’ credit card information was not leaked. The attack and leak was reported in early April by ZDNet, CNET’s sister site.

The report, based on comments on affected Reddit and Twitter, mentioned that users not only lost access to their Nintendo accounts, hackers They also took advantage to make purchases of hundreds of dollars in games and in the virtual currency of Fortnite.

Nintendo will be notifying affected users to reset their passwords and inviting them to activate two-step verification, a highly recommended security measure on any online platform that offers it. Two-step verification, technically known as 2FA, adds a second layer of security, making it more difficult for an unauthorized person to access private information.

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