Navarasa: Is it Worth Watching or Not?

Navarasa: Is it Worth Watching or Not?

NAVARASA as the name suggests is about the nine human emotions as per the Indian Aesthetic Theory. Each episode has a different story and is unrelated to each other. It has a very direct message, though, that is of Karma. The series was made by Mani Ratnam in collaboration with Jayendra Panchpakesan as the producer.

The nine emotions, if you remember your lessons from school, are Karuna(compassion), Haasya(laughter), Adbhuta(Wonder), Bibhatsa(Disgust), Samantha(Peace), Raudra(Anger), Bhayaanaka(Fear), Veera(Valour), and Shringar(Romance). The series is available on Netflix with Tamil and Telugu audio along with the subtitles.

Worth watching or not?

It has gained extremely mixed reviews from the audience. It got a rating of 9.0/10 on IMDb. The first episode is based on the sentiment of Karuna, the second episode is based on the sentiment of Laughter, and so on.

Each follows a different story such as a young man doing injustice to his brother, a philosopher narrating his perspective on the human subconscious, and so on. Some viewers find only some episodes interesting while some are of the opinion that all episodes are wonderful.

The cast has done a great job in delivering the characters accurately on the screen. It includes many well-known names of the South movie industry such as Suriya, Vijay Sethupathi, Parvathy Thiruvothu, Arvind Swamy, and many more.

The series is powerful from beginning to end with its great writing and execution.  It is certainly worth watching once.


There is no official announcement regarding the sequel of this series but it has gained huge appreciation from the audience. All the nine episodes have different production teams and since the first season is named Navarasa Volume 1, many are waiting for the second season now. Netflix is expected to wait and analyze the response for few minutes before making any decision for the second season.

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