Musk says Tesla Semi truck is almost ready for production

Musk looks like he’s ready, so we hope to have more news soon.


For Elon Musk, the time for the Tesla Semi truck is very close – or at least we hope so.

According to an email that was leaked and of which Reuters obtained a copy, Musk said it is time to bring the Tesla Semi into “volume production.” However, it did not present a specific time frame for when we see that the electric commercial truck really begins to come off an assembly line. It’s also unclear where Tesla will make it.

What the Tesla boss said was that the powertrain and battery will be a product of Gigafactory, the Nevada-based factory. Another part of the production will take place in other states, says Reuters.

Tesla did not immediately respond to CNET’s request for comment.

The latest solid news about the Semi came in late April after Tesla said in its investor report that the commercial truck was now slated for launch in 2021. The semi-electric truck was originally destined to hit the road in 2019. Then, It was scheduled for this year. Tesla has not explained the reason for so many delays.

Once it takes shape and is available, the Tesla Semi truck should fetch between $ 150,000 and $ 180,000.

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