Mukhyamantri Saur Krushi Pump Yojana 2020 (Solar Pump Yojana) Online Registration Form / Application Status Maharashtra

Mukhyamantri Saur Krushi Pump Yojana 2020 (Solar Pump Yojana) Online Registration Form / Application Status Maharashtra

The Maharastra government is announcing a scheme for the farmer of the state. The government will give the saur Krishi pump to the farmers. The farmers have to pay for the pump, but the government will provide it at a subsidy level.

Under this scheme, the Maharastra government will provide the farmers who installed the saur pump through this scheme. In this article, we will get the information related to the Mukhyamantri saur Kruchi pump yojana, application filling form for the pump yojana.

About Saur Krushi Pump Yojana 2020:

Maharastra government will invite the application form for the saur pump yojana. The pump will help the farmer to provide the water to the crop. Before the solar pump, the farmer used the electric pump.

The farmers have to pay the electricity bills for the pump. The farmer must provide water to the crop, and for that purpose, they have used electric pumps. If the farmer uses the solar pump, then they do have to pay the electric bills of the pump.

The solar pump will produce electricity for the pump. The electricity that is produced from the solar plates will use for the pump.

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The solar plates will produce electricity from the sun’s rays. As the rays of the sun are reflected on the solar plates, the electricity will produce on the solar plates. This electricity will go to the solar pump. It is sufficient for the pump to run.

The application process of this scheme:

To get the advantage of the solar pump from the government, the government has to apply for it. The person has to register for the pump to get it from the government. The government has to visit the solar pump official website.

  • The official site of the solar pump is
  • On the first page of the site, the person has to search the tab “beneficiary facility.”
  • The person has to click on the apply online tab.
  • After selecting to apply online, the person has to click on the “New customer.”
  • When a person selects the new customer, then the registration form will appear on the display of the screen.
  • The application form is for the registration form of the solar pump. The person has to fill the application form for the solar pump. The person should give all the information right and accurate.
  • After filling the application form, the person has to submit the application form.
  • If the person can not understand the scheme in English, then they can click on the yojana in Marathi. And then they can show the information about yojana in Marathi.
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The objective of Saur Pump Yojana:

  • Under this scheme, the farmers can get electricity for agriculture purposes.
  • The government will suffer the price of the electricity of the pump as the solar pump will be given to the farmer from the governmnet.
  • The solar pump will not have any other expenses compared to the diesel pump. The diesel pump will have to pay the charges of diesel and maintenance.
  • The solar pump has massive life spam. It does not contain maintenance charges.
  • The units produced through the solar panel attached to the solar pump will be exempted from the electricity bills.
  • The government will exchange the solar pump from the diesel pump from the farmer. This will also include a reduction in pollution. The diesel pump will create pollution more than the solar pump as we know that solar energy is clean energy.
  • This solar will also help the environment cleaner.
  • The government has decided to distribute 25,000 solar pumps in phase 1 and 50,000 solar pumps in phase 2 of the scheme. The farmer will get the solar pump from the government and get benefits in the electricity bills.