[Rs. 10,000] MP Mukhyamantri Kisan Kalyan Yojana 2020 Registration / List

[Rs. 10,000] MP Mukhyamantri Kisan Kalyan Yojana 2020 Registration / List

Agriculture is the base of India. Various farmers in India manage the agriculture sector. However, we know that the situation of a farmer in India is not that much good. They are facing more number of challenges for farming. In India, the farming sector totally depends upon the rainy season of India.

The rainy season is called monsoon season. However, the rainy season depends on some reasons like Indian ocean dipole, Al-Nino, La-Nino, etc. The various types of climate change will directly affect the monsoon season of India. Due to climate change, the monsoon season is not regular in India.

However, the farming sector depends upon the regular monsoon season of India. Due to irregular monsoon season, the Farmer of the nation can not do farming well. Therefore their income level will also decrease.

Due to a lack of financial income, they can not put 100% effort into agriculture. However, the government is helping the Farmer of the nation by providing financial help to the Farmer. Here, we will get accurate information about the scheme that is launched by the Madhya Pradesh government for the Farmer of the state.

About Madhya Pradesh Mukhya Mantri Kishan Kalyan Yojana 2020:

Recently, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shri. Shivraj Singh Chouhan has announced a scheme to give financial assistance to the Farmer of Rs.10,000. This means the Madhya Pradesh government will provide Rs.10,000 to the Farmer per year.

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In Rs.10,000, the central government will provide Rs.6000 under the Kishan Samman Nidhi Yojana, and the state government will give Rs.4000. This way, a total Rs.10,000 will be given to the registered Farmer of the state from the state and central government.

The registration process of the Madhya Pradesh Kishan Kalyan Yojana 2020:

To get annually Rs.10,000 for the government, every Farmer has to apply for the scheme. That means the Farmer has register themselves for the scheme.

Those farmers who have already registered themselves for the central government scheme name PM Kishan Samman Nidhi Yojana will not have to worry about the registration because they automatically get the benefits of the state scheme named Mukhya Mantri Kishan Kalyan yojana also.

Now, we will talk about those farmers who have not to register themselves for any scheme, and they want to apply in the scheme. The Farmer is facing many financial problems due to a lockdown condition.

In the year 2020, the Farmer is having many troubles like a cyclone, heavy rain, lockdown, lack of labor in the farming procedure. Due to this kind of problem, the crop of the Farmer is not as good as expected.

The Farmer will not get their production cost from the market also. That is why the Farmer must take advantage of the government scheme launched by the government for the Farmer only. Every Farmer should have to register in the scheme and get the benefits from the government.

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With the help of the scheme, the Farmer can modernize their equipment of the farming. With the help of modern equipment, they can cultivate their crop very quickly and get more profit from their production.

For Those Farmers Who does not apply for the PM-Kishan yojana:

If you have not applied to the PM-Kishan yojana also then you don’t have to worry about it. To get the benefits of the Mukhya Mantri Kishan Kalyan Yojana, then you have first applied to the central government scheme named PM-Kishan yojana.

To apply in the PM-Kishan yojana, you have to go on the official website of the scheme. The link for the PM-Kishan scheme application form is  PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Application / Registration.

When you select this link, you have seen the application form of the scheme. The Farmer has to fill the application form and submit it to the site. When you complete the registration process of the scheme, then you have already make registered for the Mukhya Mantri Kishan Kalyana Scheme of the Madhya Pradesh Government.

After registration, the Farmer will get yearly Rs.10,000 from the government on the bank account of the person.