Money Heist AKA La Casa de Papel Season 5 leaked by Tubidy or bolly4u

Money Heist AKA La Casa de Papel Season 5 leaked by Tubidy or bolly4u

Each and every fan of the series “Money Heist” will surely know that it is one of the most amazing and exciting series streaming on the gigantic platform of movies and TV shows Netflix. After successful completion of the previous three seasons of the series, directors and showrunners have now released the fourth season.

Yes, “La Casa de Papel” Season 4 has been released recently. All the fans and followings of the series have been waiting with bated breath for the premiere of its fourth season. But now their wait has come to an end as the series has rolled season 4 on Friday, 3 April 2020.

leaked by Tubidy or bolly4u Money Heist Season 5

“Money Heist” is a Spanish television series that is not only loved and watched in Spain but also the series is well accepted by viewers all over the world. Season 4 dropped on Netflix with 8 thrilling and interesting episodes to entertain its worldwide audience.

The episodes aired all at once on April 3, 2020. Like all the other series, the “La Casa de Papel” season 4 was also released at one minute past midnight on the streaming giant Netflix.

The episodes were premiered at different times in different countries due to the varied time zone. Such as the series was aired at 1 minute past 9 AM in the native country of Spain while the series was aired at a different time in the US.

Star Cast of the Series

All of you may know that the main reason behind the series gaining much popularity among its fans and supporters is its amazing star cast. The cast of the series “Money Heist” is not only hard-working but also shares the inseparable bond amid the crew. Every member of the crew works in order to take the series on a path of success. The viewers will see the following cast members in season 4 of “La Casa de Papel”.

  • Ursula Corbero AKA Tokio
  • Itziar Ituno as Raquel Murillo
  • Miguel Harren as Rio
  • Esther Acebo AKA Stockholm
  • Jaime Lorente as Denver
  • Darko Peric as Helsinki

Along with all the above crew, Alvaro Morte will return as The Professor in Season 4. There are some surprises that await viewers in season 4 such as Berlin AKA Pedro Alonso who seems to kiss death in season 2 and Alba Flores AKA Nairobi who got shot by police in season 3. More twists and turns are waiting for you as you will unravel and watch the fourth season of “La Casa de Papel”.

Will there be “La Casa de Papel” Season 5?

There is no official news announced by Netflix which means that you will have to wait for the official announcement to be 100 percent sure about the release of season 5. Recently, the news of Itziar Ituno being tested positive for COVID-19 has disappointed many fans and followers.

The shooting of the upcoming season has also not begun due to the burst of the Coronavirus all around the world. All these incidents will surely move the filming schedule of the upcoming season 5 and thereby the release date of this amazing and thrilling crime drama series “Money Heist”.


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