Microsoft hires former Apple executive Rubén Caballero: report


Rubén Caballero worked between 2005 and 2019 for Apple.

Courtesy of Apple

Ruben Caballero, who was vice president of research, development and design of wireless technology de Apple until April 2019, has been signed by Microsoft.

Caballero himself broke the news discreetly by updating his LinkedIn profile, Bloomberg reported on April 6. According to this update, Caballero – born in Chile to Spanish parents – has been working for two months as head of the Microsoft division that is in charge of mixed reality hardware such as virtual reality glasses, HoloLens, and the development of technologies based on artificial intelligence. The hiring underscores Microsoft’s investment in its growing hardware portfolio.

Microsoft confirmed with Bloomberg the hiring of Caballero.

The entry of the former Apple executive at Microsoft comes at a time when Apple is working remarkably on the development of augmented reality technology. Its latest tablet, the iPad Pro 2020, has a LiDAR scanner that improves the experience of augmented reality and some reports indicate that The next iPhone 12 Pro will also feature one later this year.

Apple and Microsoft’s efforts to improve their augmented reality technologies coincide with data reported a few months ago by analytics firm Juniper Research. According to the report, mixed reality applications will reach 10 billion installations in 2024.

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