Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana 2021 – Rural Women’s Empowerment Scheme

Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana 2021 – Rural Women’s Empowerment Scheme

Women empowerment is necessary to program in the world. All over the world, the situation of women is not good. Every government of the world’s nation is trying to improve the situation of the women in their country.

Then also, the question of women’s part in all fields of economy arises. We will talk about India. In India, the situation of women is very poor. Every time, the question is arises due to the women’s controversy.

The government is trying to improve the situation of women by applying many schemes related to women. However, The government is giving benefits to women in government jobs. The government is also allowing women in defense security.

However, the government’s efforts towards women’s empowerment is good. Here, we talk about the scheme that is launched by the Maharashtra government for the women who are living in rural areas.

Maharastra Nav Tejaswini Yojana 2021:

The Maharastra government is launching this scheme for the women of rural areas. The women living in rural areas are impoverished, and they are not allowed to go for jobs. However, the opportunity for employment in rural areas is very low.

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They can not do their jobs, so that the government of Maharashtra government arrives a scheme for the women in rural areas to start their new own business.

The department of women and child development of the Maharashtra government will implement this scheme for rural women. The government will allow rural women to take the loan from the government for their business.

The Maharastra government, through this scheme, will also give financial support and technical support to the rural women to start their business. The government will provide technical support through this scheme to the businesswomen of the state in rural areas.

The objective of the Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana :

As we know that according to the culture of rural India, the women are doing their homework, and they are not allowed to go for jobs. However, many women in rural areas have unique talents and skills.

To the development of their skills and to earn from their skills, this scheme will be helpful. The government will give the platform to the women of rural areas. They can manufacture their things with their talent and sell them on the market of the world.

The government has allocated more than 523 crore rupees for the scheme. The Maharashtra government’s cabinet committee ahs approve this scheme for the development of the rural areas of women. With the help of this scheme, the women can start their own business in him only.

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They do not have to go out to do the business. They can earn more money from their business, and their self-development can also be done. The women can be updated, and they allow consistently modern technology in the business. This way, the development of rural areas will also happen.

However, the migration due to lack of opportunity from the rural areas to urban areas is a big problem of this scheme. But with the help of this scheme, the income of the family who is living in rural areas will increase so that the family does not have to migrate to the urban areas in search of employment.

Benefits of the Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana :

The women can reduce the unemployment level of the state and rural areas. A new business opportunity will also arise. The women self-help groups(SHGs) will get employment through this scheme.

For this scheme, the international funds for agriculture development will also offer a fund of Rs.333 crore for the development of rural women in business. This scheme will support financially the low-income family of the rural areas and pull them out from poverty. This way, the government can decrease the poverty level of the state.

It will be possible for most women to get an opportunity to improve the financial condition of the entire family. There will be so many benefits that the women will get through the new government scheme.

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The new scheme goes by the name Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana. So the state government of Maharashtra will be able to provide great support financially and morally to improve the overall poverty rate in the state.