macOS 11 is official: See all its news Big Sur

Apple announced macOS 11 Big Sur, the new version of the Mac operating system.

Under the WWDC 2020, opened on Monday June 22, the Cupertino giant revealed this new version that will be named Big Sur. The update will replace macOS Catalina (10.15) released last year and that did not offer many improvements and new features for users.

Apple announced macOS 11 at an event held for the first time in an online format, after getting used to an event at some convention center in the San Francisco Bay Area, Apple now had to resort to a launch without an on-site audience and with an internet transmission.

Apple announced macOS Big Sur with more changes to the interface that makes it much more similar to iOS, such as the arrival of a control center located at the top right of the screen to have a look at compatible applications and app widgets.

macOS Big Sur also has improvements in Mail and Messages, where now several of the news from the iOS 14 app come to macOS, such as the possibility of responding to a specific message, the effects of celebration, among others. The Big Sur Maps app is now also very similar —in design and features— to the app in iOS, this as part of Apple’s initiative to make a more homogeneous design and functionality between iOS and macOS.

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The release of macOS 11 is now more interesting because it will be the operating system that arrives with the supposed first Mac computers that will have a processor created and designed by Apple. Apple is expected to launch the first Macs with a company-designed ARM processor in 2021, starting with a MacBook and iMac.

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