MAA BHOOMI TELANGANA: Land Record Pahani/RoR-1B/Adangal

MAA BHOOMI TELANGANA: Land Record Pahani/RoR-1B/Adangal

Telangana government has launched a portal named MAA BHOOMI. On the name of the portal, we can assume that this portal is about the land. Yes! You are right. The Portal that is launched by the Telangana government will help to digitize all the land records.

All the state government of India has launched many scheme and portal to digitize the government information through the site and portal.

The government digitizes the information so that the state government does government service in an online mode. The digital process will help the citizen of the state to get government service at their home.

However, the government to make this process in an online mode, to remove the role of the middle man. The government is launching many schemes for the poor people of India, but due to the role of the middle man, the poor people can not get proper benefits from the government scheme.

MAA BHOOMI Portal telangana:

Through this portal, the government of Telangana wants to digitize the information on land records of Telangana. The Telangana government has complete its work to make digitize all the information of land records so that the government now launched a portal name the MAA BHOOMI portal.

On this portal, the people of Telangana got all the information about their land. If any person has landed in the Telangana state, they can get the information about the land on the land record portal.

The person has to download the portal on their mobile. Or the person can search the information about their plan in an online site also. The person can get the information about the land amendment register also.

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The government makes more than many services on this portal. We will give you the information about the land portal that what are the services available on the portal.

Available services on the MAA BHOOMI Portal:

As we mentioned above that the government makes the portal for the people of Telangana state. Now the people of Telangana get all the information about their land records on the portal only. The government has allowed the people to access the portal and get all the available information on their land.

However, the government has made available many more services in the portal. Every people of the state should know the information about the portal so that the people can get the available services on the portal.

It is sure that there will be a large number of people who are going to get the essential from this article. The only thing that you will have to do is make sure to go through this article to the end. So that you can be able to get to know about everything. The new online government portal will help the people who are in actual need. People will get to use the services that are helpful to them.

We will give you the list of the available service that is made available on the portal. The list of services is below:

  • People can get information about the Aadhaar linking account.
  • The information on people’s land records.
  • The land survey number of the person
  • Information on ROR-1B
  • The details of PAHANG
  • Village of ROR-1B
  • The information about the correction of the land certificate.
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The procedure of getting information on the MAA BHOOMI Portal 

We will give you the information about how you can get the information about your land records in the portal. The process of getting the information on the portal is given below:

  • To check the information related to the land record on the portal, then the person should have to open the official portal link. If you do not have the link to the portal, then you can click on the portal link that is given here:
  • When you select the link, then on the first page you have to click on your option.
  • For the land records, you have to enter some detail of the land. Some details include the survey number and account number of the person’s land.
  • The person has to give all the information right then also the information on the land of the person will open. The person has to click on the portal, and after giving all the required information, the person will come to know about the land records of their land on an online mode.


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