Legacies Recap: Who Didn’t Survive Kai’s Assault on the Salvatore College?

Revenge, redemption and red-hot revelations had been all on the menu Thursday as Hope and her mates — plus just some reluctant frenemies — fought to defend their school in opposition to Legacies‘ sassiest, most menacing monster however: Kai Parker.

Masquerading as an earlier good buddy of Alaric’s named Joshua (“I was at his wedding ceremony ceremony, I launched pretty the current!”), Kai infiltrated the facility with minimal effort, though he did must compel someone to ask him inside. (Am I the solely one who kinda, sorta forgot he’s a heretic now?)

Beneath the guise of an equal “team-up,” he glad Alyssa Chang (“Giant fan of your work!”) to untether him from his jail world, thereby destroying the realm and everyone in it. (He conveniently forgot to tell her about that second half. Oops?) He moreover compelled Dorian to tug Landon out into the woods, the place a crimson-robed archer — presumably The Necromancer — was able to shoot him with that prophetic golden arrow.

And proper right here’s the kicker: Whereas all of this was going down, Kai distracted Hope prolonged ample that she solely had time to stop one atrocity from occurring, forcing her to determine on between saving Landon or the Saltzmans. She chosen (gasp!) the Saltzmans, effectively convincing Alyssa to stop her untethering spell sooner than she wiped them from existence.

Fortunately, Landon certainly not truly wished his “co-hero” in the first place! Dorian magically (and significantly questionably) snapped out of his trance in time to take the arrow for Landon, virtually dying in the course of. Fortunately, our little little one phoenix grew a powerful pair of fiery wings and flew Dorian once more to the school, the place he acquired the life-saving remedy he wished.

Elsewhere this week…

* After serving to Alaric and Jade rescue Lizzie from her nasty little fender bender, Darkish Josie outlined the phrases of their exit from the jail world: She might siphon ample magic to create a portal, nevertheless one explicit particular person would wish to stay behind and performance an anchor. Alaric volunteered, nevertheless Sebastian popped up at the last minute to take his place. “It’s like I was making an attempt to let you recognize the night you shot me — some people don’t know what to do with a second likelihood!” he knowledgeable Alaric. “I put Elizabeth in danger. In case you wish to thank me, take care of her.” (D’aww! Guys, I don’t assume Landon isn’t the solely “new hero” who rose up this week.)

* By way of the magic of astral projection, Lizzie knowledgeable Sebastian that he might have the potential to flee the jail world by leaping into Malivore, merely as Kai did last week. Nonetheless that may have moreover introduced on Lizzie to miss that Sebastian ever existed, and since she appeared pretty depressed in the episode’s remaining moments, my guess is that he didn’t make it out.

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