Lalo Ebratt believes that being ‘versatile’ has been the key to his musical success

Colombian urban music singer Lalo Ebratt has recently managed to sneak into the top of the charts and believes that the key to achieving this has been to be “versatile” and collaborate with artists from multiple genres.

“I think the most important thing is to be very versatile and tolerant with all genres. We Colombians grow up in a multicultural land, it is a very colorful place literally and we are very happy. We carry that personality everywhere we are thrown forward, “explained the artist in an interview with Efe.

Juanes, Sebastián Yatra, Reik, J Balvin and Lola Índigo are some of the artists with whom he has worked in the last two years, cultivating very good figures and making himself known beyond the borders of his native Colombia.

In Lalo Ebratt’s project the collaborations have a very important weight, in which he entered thanks to his learning capacity and his curiosity for different rhythms and sounds.

“What most calls them (the public) I think is the ease with which I can enter any genre, that makes it a challenge and generates an expectation,” he added.


Another of the recognizable elements of Ebratt (Santa Marta, 1993) is his particular style full of colors, extravagant garments, very varied hairstyles and abundant accessories.

And it is that taking risks when dressing has always been part of him and something he wants to project on his followers, a goal he is achieving with phrases like “vomiting flow”, a motto that the singer continually uses.

“I think you have to be cool when dressing and take into account a little what people want but also lead and reinvent yourself. Lalo Ebratt became a ‘lifestyle’ and what has happened has been very organic. People have wanted to adopt my style and have a good message, it’s cool, “he said

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Ebratt’s particular “look” is also reflected in his latest release, “LaPressure”, a song with Manuel Turizo that combines a catchy beat with a singable lyrics and an animated and colorful video clip in which Turizo and Ebratt become characters who fight for the love of Violet, the protagonist.

The video already accumulates more than 7.3 million views on YouTube.

“I think people are receiving it very well because it has that balance between romance, flow, sexy and color. There is a balance between each thing and it can be dedicated as well as put on any playlist or danced at the disco, “said the Colombian.

“The Pressure” and its impact are a clear representation of what Ebratt is: a very creative young man who knows how to do what he wants but also analyze what people want to see and hear.

From a very young age he made songs with his friends at home and now the collaborations he always dreamed of are coming. In addition, he knows that there are still many to come.

The artist believes that the “freestyle” with which he began to enter music trained him a lot to be fast and effective in the studio, so now he can focus more on adding more and more details.

“I am satisfied with the work and the sacrifice. I am also dreaming much bigger and I never cease to be amazed. I think that every dream and every achievement is key to doing it like the first time: hungry and eager ”, he finished.