Kundali Bhagya Written Update: Prithvi opened the secret of Mahira

Kundali Bhagya Written Update: Prithvi opened the secret of Mahira, told who pushed Mahesh from the stairs

The next episode of Kundali Bhagya will air next week. The serial has taken great turns throughout the years. Mahesh Luthra is delighted with the sensations of all family members, but Sherlyn is frightened of this, while Mahira worries as well.

He drinks cannabis as well and does not know Prithvi drinks cannabis daily. He is afraid that Mahesh will not tell his truth to everyone as he promised to do when he is still a little boy.

In the ongoing episode, Mahesh can be seen coming out of a coma in the upcoming episode. Prithvi and Sherlyn go to the room with Sherlyn and Mahira. Both of them want to make her aware of everything possible so that she doesn’t end up saying anything in the open in his front.

In reply to his request, Prithvi says he will not tell anyone that Mahesh was pushed up the stairs by Mahira.

As they hear this, Sherlyn and Mahira suspect that Prithvi did not put his mouth out in the open, otherwise, they would have had their secrets revealed and have to go to jail. It was Mahira who instructed him to drink medicine from the earth.

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Mahesh will reveal the secret contained in Sherlyn and Mahira to everyone or not will depend on whether or not he comes to his senses following his encounter with Vedic texts.