Kerala Basic Price Scheme 2020 for Vegetables and Other Listed Crops

Kerala Basic Price Scheme 2020 for Vegetables and Other Listed Crops

The after-problem of the lockdown is started in the nation. The inflation rate is an increase in the nation. The governmnet is trying to improve the inflation rate. The government has implemented the lockdown situation due to the corona infection in the country.

The corona infection has spread over in the nation. To reduced and remove the corona inflation, the government has implemented the lockdown condition in the nation. During the lockdown situation, the government did not allow any economic process in the country.

However, from June 2020, the government is implementing the unlock situation in the country. The government wanted to reduce the corona in the nation. Due to the lockdown situation, all the people of India are affected deeply in the nation.

Now, after the unlocking situation, the government is giving relief to all the citizens of India through an Abhiyan called Aatman Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. Under this Abhiyan, the government will give relief to all the people of the nation through various schemes.

All the state government is implementing the scheme under this Abhiyan. The state government of Kerala is also launching the scheme for the farmers of the state.

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The government of Kerala is giving the basic price to all the vegetable seller of the state so that the people of the state can get the fixed price of the vegetables.

Kerala Basic Price Scheme 2020:

Due to an increase in inflation in the nation, the price of basic needs for things is increasing. Due to the price increase, it isn’t easy to survive in the nation.

The Kerala government is giving one fixed price to the people that all the vendors have to apply in their business. The vendor’s con does not take more price than the government-specified.

It is sure that all of you will be witnessing the increase in the price range for most everyday products. That will include the price range for vegetables, fruits, and other food products. But the state government of Kerala did decide to provide an exact price so that it will be somewhat a relief to poor people.

Due to the Kerala Basic Price Scheme 2020, it will be possible for people to survive by spending less. You will not find the price of vegetables so high that you can not afford to purchase. The price range will not increase or decrease suddenly for vegetables. So the price of the vegetables will not be too high or too low.

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The government has fixed the introductory price of the basic needs of the people. The things used in the regular life of the people like banana, tapioca, cucumber, snake gourd, bitter gourd, ash gourd, tomato, lady’s finger, cabbage, potato, beans, beetroots, garlic, pineapple, etc. All the vegetable prices of the state will stable now.

The government has decided on the price of the vegetables of those. Under this scheme, the government will determine the price, and all the vendors have to sell at that price only.

However, the government will decide the price of the vegetables that include the consideration of farmers’ cost and sellers’ profits also.

The objective of the Kerala Basic Price Scheme:

At the time of deciding the price of the vegetable, the government will take care of the production cost of the farmers and the profit of the sellers of the state. In the price, the government will include the production cost of the farmers.

The government has decided that the selling price of the vegetables should be more than 20% of the production cost of the farmers.

This scheme will benefit all the people of the state. All the people, whether they are rich or poor, have to get the fixed-priced shopping of the vegetables.

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The people will get a reasonable price for the vegetables. Due to the more demand in the market, the seller of the market is raising the price of the thing. That is not a good step for the seller for the market.

Due to the high cost, poor people will not be able to get things at a fair price. However, the government is starting a fair price shop from the government.

The government is giving the food crop to the people of the state at a reasonable price. However, now in the vegetables will also be given to the people at the government rated price in the state.