Karnataka Arthika Spandana Scheme 2020 for Disbursing Loans

Karnataka Arthika Spandana Scheme 2020 for Disbursing Loans

In this crucial time, many medical institutions, much non-profit organization is helping people by providing help to the helpless people. We take an example of Bollywood actor Sonu Sood who helps the migrating worker reach their hometown. Like this, there are many examples we can take for a reference.

The situation of low-income people is very challenging during the lockdown. They people can not get three-time food to eat. They have to suffer from many problems during lockdown conditions. The organization helping these people by providing food, masks, sanitizer, etc. are being awarded by the government.

About Karnataka Arthika Spandana Scheme 2020:

The government is also making some efforts toward the condition of poor people. The central government announced an Aataman Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan to make India self-reliant.

Under this Abhiyan, the government launched many schemes like providing financial assistance to the micro, small, and medium business, providing short term loans with low interest, etc. Every state government also make some scheme for their citizens to fight against this critical situation. We will talk about the Karnataka state.

However, the government is giving this loan for the betterment of the agriculture sector, farmers, poor people as well as the manufacturing industry. The GDP of our nation is in the minus digit, every state government is trying to improve the situation of the agriculture sector, and the manufacturing industry as the agriculture sector is the first pillar of the economy.

Who can get the benefits of the Arthika Spandana Programme?

Recently, the Karnataka government has launched a scheme named Karanataka Arthika Spandana scheme for providing loan to the poor people through the cooperative organization.

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The government has decided to distribute a loan across the state about 39,300 crore rupees. The chief minister B.S Yediyurappa has launched this scheme for providing financial support to the agriculture and non-agriculture sector of the state. The 39,300 crore rupee will be contributed in Rs.15,300 crore for the agriculture sector and Rs.24,000 crore for the non-agriculture sector.

That means the government will give the loan of about rs.15,300 crore to the agriculture sector and the rest of the rupee to the non-agriculture sector.

With the help of this loan, the agriculture sector can develop. The farmer can purchase modern equipment, and they can do farming very quickly. The labor work is also reduced with the help of modern agriculture procedures.

The government set the target to give 15,300 crore loans in the agriculture sector. However, until today more than Rs.7000 crore loan is already distributed to the various organizations and agriculture productions.

With the help of this loan, The primary agriculture cooperatives will be converted into the multi-services centers. That means if any cooperative is selling specific agriculture products, they are converted into the multi-services like they will sell all types of agriculture produce. Around 1500 cooperative has got the benefits of the loan under this scheme.

Benefits to the Dairy Farmers:

The government of Karnataka is also providing the loan to the dairy farmers. They are giving the loan to the dairy farmer for the development of the health condition of the pet animals, improved quality of milk, and increasing the income of the farmer. With the help of the loan, the farmer can develop new ideas in the agriculture sector, and with the help of new ideas, they can improve the situation of farming.

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They can improve their financial conditions also. As their financial condition is improved, their life living level is also improving. The agriculture sector will get benefits from this loan, and the output of the agriculture sector will increase, and the contribution of the farmer in the GDP of the nation will increase. As the production sector improves, the economy of the country will become strengthen.


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