Julieta Venegas offers online ‘La Enamorada’ so that the public does not go out

After representing in Argentina for several months the work of Santiago Loza “La Enamorada”, Julieta Venegas will offer on July 3 an online representation for her Mexican public of the work with the intention that “the desire to see it in public ”, said in virtual conference.

The play, directed by Guillermo Cacace, is a monologue in which a woman, embodied by Venegas, reflects on her past and tells numerous anecdotes about it in a play that mixes the musical, the poetic and the plastic.

For the singer and the entire team that is part of the project, it was important to bring “La enamorada” to Mexico and, after this performance through eticket, they plan that in January it can be performed in theaters in Mexico.

And, despite these desire to tell the story of the protagonist woman to a close audience and present in the room, the singer considered that, in a complex and uncertain situation such as the global coronavirus pandemic, it is necessary to try to think about adapt to the moment.

“I still think that there is no need to think what to do when this is over, but, during the time that we will not be able to do what we could, settle in the uncertainty and find things that we did not know were going to happen. Everything happens for something, we must take advantage of it to reflect on the state of the world, “Venegas said in a virtual conference on YouTube.

The singer confessed that within the ignorance of what is going to happen, there is something that inspires her about the difficulty.

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Maybe the same thing happened with “La enamorada”, since she had never starred in a play before and had always enjoyed herself more as a spectator than on stage.

After reading the text by Santiago Loza, Venegas wrote to the author to congratulate him and thank him for this piece that he had enjoyed so much. Immediately he told her that there was a production company looking for someone to interpret it.

“I read the text of Santiago in a book that I found and I really liked it. I found the things he touches to be very beautiful because with great simplicity he reaches beautiful and deep places, ”said the artist from Tijuana.

Although the singer at first did not even see it possible, little by little she was joining other people through a cooperative and her participation in “La Enamorada” began to take shape.

In addition, during the assembly it occurred to him that they could add songs, an idea that ended up materializing in an album published in late 2019 with all the music created for the occasion.

The interpreter of songs like “Limón y sal” will be presented next Friday on an improvised stage with live projections Johanna Wilhelm, since, for her, “La Enamorada” is meaningless without the visual part.

Finally, Venegas acknowledged that he has a connection with the protagonist of the play because “he is like a little crazy” and said that sometimes he would like to be, like her, a little more fragile.


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