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Sacred Games

Index of Sacred Games Season 1 and 2 download – The Latest Update

Sacred Games is India’s first Netflix original series. The series Sacred Games is based on a novel titled Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra, which was published in 2006.

The series Sacred Games has received a great response from critics. Read the complete article to get all the details about the series Sacred Games.

Sacred Games season 1 2 Download:

Sacred Games is an Indian television series that includes crime, mystery, conspiracy, and thriller.

The subtitle of the series Sacred Games is in 20 different languages. The series Sacred Games was directed by Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane, and Neeraj Ghaywan.

In the lead roles, there are six stars; Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte, Pankaj Tripathi, Kalki Koechlin, and Ranvir Shorey.

Alokananda Dasgupta composed the theme music in the series Sacred Games. Phenom, Divine, and Rachita Arora composed the songs in the series Sacred Games.

Alokananda Dasgupta also gave the background score in the series Sacred Games. It was executively produced by Kelly Luegenbiehl, Erik Barmack, and Vikramaditya Motwane.

The first season of the series Sacred Games was shot in India, mostly in Mumbai. The second season of the series Sacred Games was shot in various locations such as Delhi, Cape Town, Mombasa, Johannesburg, and Nairobi. Swapnil Sonawane, Sylvester Fonseca, and Aseem Bajaj did the cinematography of the series Sacred Games.

It was edited by Aarti Bajaj. Sacred Games Season 1 and 2 consists of eight episodes each. Each episode of the series Sacred Games includes 43 to 58 minutes.

The series Sacred Games was made under Phantom Films and Reliance Entertainment. Netflix distributed it. If we get any update about the series Sacred Games, we will update it here.

Let’s see the cast of the series Sacred Games.

Sacred Games Cast:

See the cast of the series Sacred Games below.

  1. Saif Ali Khan as Inspector Sartaj Singh
  2. Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Ganesh Gaitonde
  3. Radhika Apte as Anjali Mathur
  4. Pankaj Tripathi as Khanna Guruji
  5. Kalki Koechlin as Batya Abelman
  6. Ranvir Shorey as Shahid Khan
  7. Neeraj Kabi as DCP Dilip Parulkar
  8. Jatin Sarna as Deepak “Bunty” Shinde
  9. Kubra Sait as Kukoo
  10. Jitendra Joshi as Constable Ashok Katekar
  11. Rajshri Deshpande as Subhadra
  12. Elnaaz Norouzi as Zoya Mirza – Jamila
  13. Luke Kenny as Malcolm Mourad
  14. Aamir Bashir as Inspector Majid Ali Khan
  15. Geetanjali Thapa as Nayanika Sehgal
  16. Surveen Chawla as Jojo Mascarenas
  17. Shalini Vatsa as Kanta Bai
  18. Amruta Subhash as Kusum Devi Yadav
  19. Girish Kulkarni as Bipin Bhosale
  20. Anupriya Goenka as Megha Singh
  21. Affan Khan as Young Sartaj Singh
  22. Sunny Pawar as Young Ganesh Gaitonde
  23. Danish Pandor as Bada Badariya
  24. Anil Mange as Chota Badariya
  25. Vikram Kochar as Mathu
  26. Samir Kochhar as ACIO Markand
  27. Chittaranjan Tripathy as Trivedi
  28. Rajendra Shisatka as ASI Dhobale
  29. Sukhmani Sadana as Mikki
  30. Muni Jha as Paritosh Shah
  31. Karan Wahi as Karan Malhotra
  32. Nawab Shah as Salim Kaka
  33. Saanand Verma as Purushottam Baria
  34. Jaipreet Singh as Constable Dilbagh Singh
  35. Saurabh Sachdeva as Suleiman Isa
  36. Neha Shitole as Shalini Katekar
  37. Smita Tambe as ATS Analyst Rama
  38. Harshita Gaur as Mary Mascarenas
  39. Priyanka Setia as Harsha Baria
  40. Sandesh Kulkarni as Gaitonde’s Father
  41. Vibhavari Deshpande as Gaitonde’s Mother
  42. Joy Sengupta as Mathur
  43. Amey Wagh as Kushal
  44. Sobbie Bawa as Godse
  45. Jaimin Panchal as Gaitonde’s Brother

Let’s talk about the release date of the series Sacred Games.

Sacred Games Release Date:

The first and the second season of the series Sacred Games includes eight episodes. The series Sacred Games Season 1 was released on 5th July 2018 on the OTT platform Netflix.

The series Sacred Games Season 1 was released in 191 countries. The series Sacred Games Season 2 was released on 15th August 2019 on the same platform Netflix.

It seems that the third season of the series Sacred Games will not happen. Nawazuddin Siddiqui said that there would not be a third season of the series Sacred Games.

The second season of the series Sacred Games was announced in September 2018. The shooting of the series Sacred Games Season 2 was started in November 2018.

The filming of the first season of the series Sacred Games was started in September 2017. The series Sacred Games has received 8.6 out of 10 on IMDb.

Let’s talk about the first season of the series Sacred Games.

Index of Sacred Games Season 1:

Each episode of the series Sacred Games Season 1 includes different and unique titles. It includes Ashwathama, Halahala, Atapi Vatapi, Brahmahatya, Sarama, Pretakalpa, Rudra, and Yayati.

The first season of the series Sacred Games was written by Varun Grover, Smita Singh, and Vasant Nath. It was directed by Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap.

The series Sacred Games starts with Mumbai Police Inspector Sartaj Singh. He is a divorced man, and he lives alone. He is disturbed by the other police officers because they all are corrupted.

One day, he received a call from Ganesh Gaitonde. Ganesh Gaitonde is a gangster. Ganesh warns Sartaj Singh that something terrible is going to happen in Mumbai in the next 25 days.

He also adds that all the people will die except one man named Trivedi. After that, Ganesh Gaitonde tells his life story to Police Inspector Sartaj Singh. He tells his life story over the calls.

Ganesh says that he remembers Sartaj’s late father – a policeman. During the call, Sartaj starts to trace Gaitonde’s location, and he finds that Gaitonde is at a discreet safehouse.

But when Sartaj reaches the safehouse, Gaitonde shoots himself. In the past, Ganesh Gaitonde tells about his three fathers in his life.

He says that he has three fathers in his father to become a criminal. The first father of Ganesh Gaitonde – biologically was a village priest.

He killed his mother after catching him with another man. After that, Gaitonde meets Mathu. He helps Gaitonde run a Mandrax distribution ring.

He helps to run a ring on the street, but after that, two of them start to work for Salim Kaka. Salim Kaka was a dangerous regional crime lord, and he was also a second father of Ganesh Gaitonde.

During the smuggling of gold, Gaitonde kills Salim Kaka. He killed Kaka in front of his other men. He also earned from that.

In the present, the news of Ganesh Gaitonde’s death creates a stir in the Mumbai Police as well as in public.

Parulkar – Sartaj’s senior officer, Bipin Bhosale – Hindu nationalist home minister, and Zoya Mirza – a film star share a connection with Ganesh Gaitonde.

Parulkar – Sartaj’s senior officer suspends Sartaj from the case. He suspends him because he is not cooperating in the investigation.

But Sartaj Singh continues his investigation of Ganesh Gaitonde’s case. He gets enlists by Anjali Mathur – a RAW agent.

The two find that the talent manager Jojo Mascarenas got killed by Ganesh Gaitonde at the safehouse – his hideout.

She was arranging popular actresses as escorts for the criminal Ganesh Gaitonde, and also she was hiding a fake currency from Pakistan.

In the past, Gaitonde meets Kanta Bai. She is an old woman, and Gaitonde recruits her as a partner. There was a man named Momin. He ran the garbage disposal mafia, and he was a local slum lord.

Momin and his man beat Gaitonde because Gaitonde offers Momin to buy garbage disposal lands. It results in Gaitonde admitted to the hospital.

At that time, the first case on Gaitonde was filed in the Kailashpada police station. So, after that, Parulkar goes to the hospital to meet Ganesh Gaitonde.

In the present, Anjali finds that Mathu is alive. But later, Mathu gets killed in the hospital by an assassin named Malcolm Mourad.

After that, Bunty Sharma introduces. Bunty was the most trusted man of Ganesh Gaitonde. Sartaj finds some evidence from the house of Jojo. He finds that Nayanika Sehga – a TV actress was an escort for the most trusted man of Ganesh Gaitonde – Bunty Sharma.

Zoya is seen with Parulkar. In the past, Gaitonde wants to be with Kukkoo. Kukkoo is a nightclub dancer. She was a favorite of Suleiman Isa. Suleiman Isa was a crime boss.

Gaitonde also struggles with many operations because of Bunty. Bunty was a staunch Hindi, and he had a specific view against Muslims.

Nayanika goes to the safe house of Bunty. She goes with a hidden camera to record all the things. But Bunty finds that hidden camera and holds her hostage.

Sartaj wants to save her, but Anjali tells him to follow trucks of Bunty. Sartaj follows, and he finds the warehouse of Bunty.

At the warehouse, the latter asks to negotiate with Malcolm for safe passage out of India. At that time, Sartaj gets caught, but he somehow manages to escape from that with the help of Katekar – his partner, and Anjali.

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After that, Bunty agrees to make a deal with Anjali. So, he makes a deal with Anjali for the passage out of India. He makes that deal in exchange for all the details he has about Ganesh Gaitonde.

Somehow, Nayamika manages to call Sartaj and requests him to rescue her from the hideout of Bunty.

Sartaj requests permission from his senior inspector Parulkar, and he agrees. In the past, Ganesh Gaitonde starts his political ascension after meeting with Bipin Bhosale.

He starts to entangling with law enforcement and corrupt politicians in his way. Kukkoo reveals that she is transgender, and Gaitonde still accepts her.

On the same night, some men of Suleiman Isa attack the home of Gaitonde. In the present, Sartaj gets the help of the police for the rescue of Nayanika from Bunty.

But the situation turns when Nayanika tries to kill Bunty, and during that, she gets accidentally shot by a police sniper.

At that time, Bunty tries to escape. But he is assassinated by Malcolm. The boyfriend of Zoya tries to blackmail her for his father’s film and knowing that she was an escort for Ganesh Gaitonde.

After that, Sartaj gives a statement about Parulkar. He clears Parulkar from the internal investigation after knowing that Parulkar killed a suspect who was unarmed.

In the past, During the attack, Kukkoo commits suicide. Gaitonde completes a deal with sadness by using prostitutes. It results in sexual transmission infection.

After recovery, Gaitonde decides to get married. Later, Isa sends his man to Paritosh. Paritosh was a close associate of Gaitonde.

Isa sends a man on the wedding day. Gaitonde decides to marry Subhadra. Subhadra is a housekeeper.

In the present, Sartaj goes to his mother. He goes to his mother to get the information about the connection of his father with Gaitonde, but he fails.

Meanwhile, Sartaj’s partner Katekar finds a lead. He gets a connection between a nearby theft and a missing Muslim boy. He finds the connection after getting pressure to investigate the case.

But he gets killed by one of the thieves during interrogation and escapes. Sartaj catches that thief and kills him. The thief was unarmed.

On the other side, Zoya injures himself to get her boyfriend arrested. Meanwhile, Sartaj finds the fake passports of Zoya, and he also finds her past with Gaitonde. He finds that she was an escort for Gaitonde.

Meanwhile, Anjali finds the connection between Malcolm Mourad and Gaitonde’s former accountant. In the past, Gaitonde is in depression after the death of Paritosh.

Later, Gaitonde gets emotionally and physically attached to his wife, Subhadra. They start to make love. In the present, Sartaj meets with Zoya.

Sartaj finds that Zoya was also called by Gaitonde before his death. Gaitonde told Zoya that everyone would die except Trivedi.

So, Sartaj and Anjali try to find Trivedi. They find an NGO which was owned by Bhosale. It was being used to smuggle unknown cargo via truck. Trucks carrying water tank was used for the smuggling.

Sartaj goes into the train which is carrying the tanks to finds the destination. Meanwhile, Anjali goes to the address which belongs to Trivedi. But she gets killed by Malcolm.

In the past, Trivedi is a follower of the Guruji. Gaitonde calls him his third father. Gaitonde meets with Trivedi after Bhosale introduces him.

But Gaitonde rejects the offer of partnership. Isa’s men go to the Gaitonde’s home again for the attack, and during the attack, Subhadra gets killed.

Gaitonde gets shocked, and he wants to avenge her death. So, Gaitonde starts a rampage against the Muslim community. He starts to kill innocent persons, and he also burns down slums.

But after that, Gaitonde gets arrested by Parulkar and gets beaten up daily in jail by the senior inspector Parulkar.

In the jail, Gaitonde meets one officer who shows compassion to him and treats him better. He was Dilbagh Singh – Sartaj’s father.

Sartaj gets captures and sends it to Malcolm, where he gets off the train at the destination. Malcolm cuts off Sartaj’s left thumb with an axe.

After that, Parulkar’s force reaches the area and surrounds that, but Malcolm escapes. Sartaj finds a big hanger consists of advanced weapons. He finds that before his injuries.

Sartaj gets hospitalized, and the police start to interrogate Bhosale, who is uncooperative. Later, Sartaj goes to his mother, and he learns that his father works for Gaitonde while he was imprisoned.

She also plays the recorded video of Guruji’s sermons. In that video, Sartaj finds the same philosophy that Gaitonde told him during the phone call.

After that video, Sartaj learns that Guruji is the third father of Gaitonde. He goes to the hideout of Gaitonde, where he finds a nuclear shelter.

It was covered by the tortured body of Trivedi. In the past, Gaitonde continually gets beaten by Parulkar in prison. It clearly shows that Parulkar was with Trivedi and Bhosale, and they are making some secret plan.

Gaitonde gets together with his crime partner Mathu. Zoya came to the prison to meet Gaitonde. She gave a knife to Gaitonde. Zoya was an Afghani escort, and her name was Jamila.

After that, Gaitonde and Mathu start to kill some members of the gang of Isa in prison. It results in Parulkar locks Gaitonde in solitary confinement.

Gaitonde was living without food and water, but later, he receives a call from his third father – Guruji. Guruji tells him that he will live.

After that, Gaitonde remembers the killing of his mother. Gaitonde gets free from the solitary. After that, he gets into a fight with the men of Isa. He has nearly killed, but suddenly an escort gets him out of prison.

Let’s talk about the second season of the series Sacred Games.

Index of Sacred Games Season 2:

The second season of the series Sacred Games consists of eight episodes titled Matsya, Siduri, Apasmara, Bardo, Vikarna, Azrael, Torino, and Radcliffe.

The series Sacred Games Season 2 was written by Dhruv Narang, Nihit Bhave, Pooja Tolani, and Varun Grover. It was directed by Neeraj Ghaywan and Anuraj Kashyap.

In the second season of the series Sacred Games, we have seen that the police find the nuclear shelter of Ganesh Gaitonde and start an autopsy on the body of Trivedi.

Sartaj and his partner officer Majid Khan are recruited by the Special Investigation Team. Now, they have to monitor the terror cells operating in Mumbai.

Sartaj goes to the Guruji’s ashram to get details about Guruji. While searching, Sartaj finds that Guruji died recently in 2015.

Malcolm sends Bholsale to a safehouse. And he also started interrogation with Zoya to remove any other evidence that can lead to Ganesh Gaitonde.

Bhosale tries to escape, but he gets caught while escaping. And he also questioned the nuclear attack in Mumbai. Sartaj and Majid find a business printing pamphlets for Huzbuddin.

It is an Islamic terror group run by Shahid Khan. In the past, Gaitonde wakes up in a boat, and the boat was too far from Mumbai. It was in 1994.

In the boat, Gaitonde meets Trivedi and Kusum Devi Yadav – a RAW agent. they explain to Gaitonde that the operation in Mumbai is finished or eliminated.

They send Gaitonde in Mombasa. Later, he kills a crime lord who is supplying dangerous weapons to Shahid Khan. In exchange for that, Gaitonde gets a phone number of Isa, and he still wants revenge on Isa.

After that, Gaitonde talks with Bunty and also with Jojo, and he finds that she is suicidal. In the present, Sartaj goes to the Guruji’s ashram. He meets Batya Abelman, who is the director of that ashram.

Sartaj participates in a spiritual seminar. Sartaj and Majid get the details from Anjali’s diary that a Pakistanis group stole nuclear fuel from Kenya.

It directly connects to Hizbuddin Pamphlets. It directed to Nasreen. She was found in a hospital, and she was suffering from radiation burns.

In the past, Gaitonde opens many shell companies in order to disrupt the operations of Isa and get him to Kenya in 1995 with the help of Bunty, Zoya, and Mathu.

He also gets news that Isa has arrived. So, he started the preparation to kill him, but later, he realizes it is a decoy.

He goes to Kusum Devi Yadav. Yadav says she is keeping Suleiman Isa alive to catch Shahid Khan because Shahid Khan was planning to destroy Mumbai.

Gaitonde talks with Jojo and Dilbagh Singh, and then he decides to meet Guruji. The Guruji’s ashram was in Croatia. Trivedi takes Gaitonde to the ashram of Guruji.

In the ashram, Gaitonde gets enamored by the sermon of Guruji about coming back to the Satya Yuga. In the present, Sartaj and Majid Nasreen are with two Pakistani twins named Malam and Alam.

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They meet them on a boat that carries an unknown shipment to Mumbai. They track down both. They also get burned by radiation.

They also learn that Shahid Khan wants to destroy Mumbai. After that, Rohit – Katekar’s son tracks down by Sartaj as he has recently joined the community of Hindu nationalists.

He accepts his guilt after goes back to the ashram and meets Batya. At the ashram, the two of them take a laced. It was an herbal tea laced with a psychedelic substance.

Later, Sartaj meets Yadav at the home of her daughter. Sartaj learns that she is suffering from memory loss.

In the past, In 1995, Gaitonde goes to the ashram of Guruji along with Batya, Trivedi, Malcolm, Dilbagh, and Bhosale.

Gaitonde meets Guruji, and after that, he gets a dose named “gochi,” which is an intense psychedelic drug. It was manufactured by the ashram.

Gaitonde was thinking about that drug. He starts exporting the drug, but it ended soon. Gaitonde gets a task to kill Shahid Khan by meeting with Isa, but Gaitonde refuses.

Gaitonde meets Guruji and tells him about his fears of being forgotten. Then after he decides to produce an autobiographical film along with Bunty and Zoya.

The film failed, and Gaitonde tries to premiere the film in Mumbai. At there, he gets caught by Parulkar and nearly also nearly gets killed by Parulkar.

Yadav saves the life of Gaitonde on one condition that Gaitonde will help RAW to catch Shahid Khan.

In the present, Sartaj’s team finds that Malam and Alam were supplying lithium deuteride tubes to charge a nuclear bomb.

To contact Shahid Khan, they search an online Hizbuddin chatroom. Later, Sartaj gets a news of his ex-wife named Megha. He learns that she is pregnant with her new fiancee.

He goes to the ashram and meets Batya again. At there, he gets a stronger dose of gochi and also have sex.

In the past, in 1995, Ganesh Gaitonde goes to meet Isa, who wants an Indian passport. He goes back to the ashram of Guruji. At there, he participants in a psychedelic ritual to overcome his guilt for his father imprisoned.

Zoya goes to Mombasa to meet Gaitonde. He realizes that it is a trap which is set by Kusum Devi Yadav. After that, he escapes from that along with Mathu and Bunty.

He was heading the advice given by Guruji that rebirth. After that, Gaitonde rejects the Kenya operation and decided to stay at the ashram of Guruji as a full-time member.

In the present, Shahid Khan kills that two men who deliver him the nuclear bomb after realizing that it is a trap set by the police.

Sartaj starts to suffer from the after effects of gochi. So, he can not interrogates Bhosale perfectly. It results in suspension from the duty because the drug was found in his blood.

Sartaj learns from Majid that Parulkar has cleared trucks of Khan to enter into Mumbai. on that night, Sartaj kills Malcolm by chasing him down on the street.

Malcolm shared a link between the father of Sartaj and the ashram. In the past, Gaitonde becomes more active in the ashram of Guruji.

In 2005, Guruji makes Gaitonde as the leader of the group in the journey to the Satya Yoga and he also starts a physical relationship with him.

On the other side, Yadav is in the relationship with the father of Anjali – a RAW agent. Malcolm reaches out to her home and kills the father of Anjali.

He also shoots Yadav and leaved her with a brain damage. It was a permanent brain damage. In 2008, Guruji reveals his vision of Satya Yuga. He says that it is a nuclear war to sacrifice the human race.

In the present, Sartaj tells Batya about the connection of his father with the ashram. Batya says that Dilbagh was a longtime member and he also tells him the plan of the nuclear attack in Mumbai.

Sartaj reflects at a beach and suddenly after that, he reaches on a street where a gang is beating a Muslim boy for the religious issues.

In between that, Sartaj sees Rohit and tries to break up the chaos. But the gang kills the boy. Sartaj come back the ashram and takes another dose of gochi along with Batya.

In the past, in 2016, Malcolm sets a connection with Shahid Khan and Hizbuddin. Guruji starts to bid the farewell to Ganesh Gaitonde.

He also fakes his death with the help of ashram. Later, Batya moves the operation of ashram to the Mumbai.

Gaitonde also comes back to Mumbai where he meets with his old gang. He meets with them after 13 years. He also meeta with Jojo.

To hide from the forces of Malcolm, Gaitonde hides at one of the old property of Bunty. In the present, Parulkar realizes that his boss – Isa is using him to execute the plan of Shahid Khan.

He goes to Bhosale but Bhosale rebuffs him. Batya asks Sartaj to recover the Kaal Granth which was written by Guruji and it was stolen by Gaitonde.

Sartaj goes to the police evidence room and finds the biopic film of Ganesh Gaitonde. By that fil, he learns that Trivedi is also the father of Ganesh Gaitonde.

Yadav tells him that the father of Ganesh Gaitonde is still alive. He goes to the village to meet him. At there, he finds a man who keeps the Kaal Granth and claims that it was a gift from Gaitonde. Sartaj brings that book back to the underground bunker of Batya.

In the past, few months before the attack, Guruji meets Gaitonde. He guides him with the use of an intense gochi ritual and it results in Gaitonde kills Guruji and flees the ashram.

He stoles the Kaal Granth and leaves the place. Gaitonde starts to hear the voice of Guruji, he tells about this to Mathu.

In the present, it reveales that Shahid Khan is the cousin of Sartaj Singh. His sister was separated from her mother during the partition of 1947 between India and Pakistan.

On the other side, Majid’s team starts interrogate the henchman of Khan to get the location. Meanwhile, Bhosale says to the media that the nuclear attack will occur in Mumbai in the next 24 days.

After that, Parulkar kills Bhosale. He kills him before committing suicide. Sartaj decides to stop the attack. He killes many followers of Guruji while escaping from the bunker of Batya.

Majid gets killed in the shootout. Sartaj reaches out to the location with the Kaal Granth to deactivate the bomb. There is a pattern-based code.

The last attempt was remaining and the second season of the series Sacred Games ended with a cliffhanger.

If the third season of the series Sacred Games announces, then it will be released on the same OTT platform Netflix.

We expect that the third season of the series Sacred Games will soon be confirmed. The series Sacred Games has received a good response from the audience.

All fans of the series Sacred Games are waiting for the third season of the series Sacred Games. The series Sacred Games is full of crime, thriller, and mystery.

Maybe the story of the series Sacred Games will be continued in the third season of the series Sacred Games, if it announces.

The series Sacred Games includes crime, thriller, and mystery. The series Sacred Games is available to watch on the OTT platform Netflix.

Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Pankaj Tripathi, Ranvir Shorey, Radhika Apte, and Kalki Koechlin are in the main role in the series Sacred Games.

The music album of the series Sacred Games was composed by Alokananda Dasgupta, Phenom, Divine, Rachita Arora, and Yashraj Jaiswal.

It was released in 2018 and recorded in 2017. The music album of the series Sacred Games was composed by Alokananda Dasgupta and Phenom. The series Sacred Games contains a total of 24 tracks including 7 songs as well as other scores.

Let’s watch the trailer of the series Sacred Games.

Sacred Games Trailer:

Find the trailer of the series Sacred Games Season 2 below. It was released by Netflix on 9th July 2019.

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