Huawei patents an under-screen camera on a futuristic phone

The Let’s Go Digital site came up with this concept for a Huawei phone with the front camera hidden under the screen.

Let’s Go Digital

Huawei works on a smartphone that has the front camera hidden in the screen. At least that is what is seen in a patent in the name of the Chinese firm.

The trustworthy Let’s Go Digital site gained access to this patent and developed a concept based on it. The report mentions that Huawei obtained a similar patent in recent dates and in that the camera phone is also mentioned under the screen, with the only difference being the distribution of the rear camera.

The patent obviously does not mention which product will carry this technology, but it is very possible that it is a high-end phone, possibly the P series or Mate series from Huawei, as they are the stellar lines of the Asian company.

Huawei is not the first company to be working on phones with an integrated or hidden camera on the screen. Oppo and Xiaomi have already shown prototypes of phones with the camera under the screen and it is expected that between the rest of 2020 and all of 2021 the first products with this feature will arrive.

Manufacturers are looking for ways to minimize the bezels on phones, so they can increase the size of the screen without increasing the size of the entire cell phone. Companies started this process with eyebrows or notch, and then began using holes on the screen and more recently with mechanical cameras. The next step, according to patents and concepts, will be to hide the camera under the screen.

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