HP Saur Sinchai Yojana – Subsidy on Solar Agricultural Pump Sets to Farmers

HP Saur Sinchai Yojana – Subsidy on Solar Agricultural Pump Sets to Farmers

Himachal Pradesh government is announcing a scheme for the betterment of the agriculture sector of the state. The government of Himachal Pradesh is launching a scheme for the farmers of Himachal Pradesh.

The state Himachal Pradesh is located on the north side of India. Many hills are located in the state. The farmers have to cultivate in between the mountains. However, the government knows the situation of farmers of the sate. The government is giving financial subsidies in the farming sector.

The state government of Himachal Pradesh is giving the financial subsidy to purchase the solar pump. The government is also offering its contribution to reducing the effect of climate change.

We will get all the detailed information about this scheme in this article. If you are a farmer and permanent resident of Himachal Pradesh, then you have to read this article for sure.

About Himachal Pradesh Sinchai Yojana:

Under this scheme, the government of Himachal Pradesh will help the farmer of the state. They help the farmer by giving them a 90% subsidy to purchase solar pumps for their farm.

The government has announced through this scheme, that they will provide the 90%-100% subsidy to the small and marginal farmer of the Himachal Pradesh state on purchasing of the solar pump. In the agriculture sector, the pumps are used for proving water to the crop.

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The farmer has to use the electric pump for that purpose. Due to the electric pump, the electricity bills of the farmer is high. The government has made an aim to give the farmer a solar pump.

The solar pump will work on the sun rays. They will generate their electricity on their own. The electricity from the respective company will not require the pump to run. The solar plates that are attached to the pump will generate the electricity for the pump. A farmer will not have to pay the electricity bill for the pump.

The government will also give the subsidy to the medium and big farmers of the state. The percentage of subsidy will be a little low in this case. The government will provide 80% subsidy benefits to the medium and big farmers of the state.

The state government of Himachal Pradesh will distribute about 5850 agriculture pumps to the various farmers of the state. The government allocates around 174 crores for the scene.

The government will give a 100% subsidy to the small and marginal groups of farmer/ Kishan Vikas Sangh’s and registered body of farmers. With the help of solar pumps, the framer can quickly get their crop, and they can save the money of the electricity bills.

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How to apply for this scheme?

The government has also made a facility that a farmer who wants to take advantage of this scheme can apply for the scheme. They can also apply through Kishan Vikas Sangh. The farmer has to visit the website of the scheme, and they have to fill the application form of the scheme.

They have to submit the documents for the scheme. The applicant can get more information on this link. http://himachalpr.gov.in/PressReleaseByYear.aspx?Language=1&ID=12483&Type=2&Date=01/07/2018.

Documents that are required for the scheme:

  • Farmer’s certificate of residence
  • Aadhaar card of the farmer
  • The farmer has to give the details of their bank accounts.
  • Land document of farmer
  • Voter Id card of the farmer

Subsidy Amount of The scheme:

As we know that this scheme is for the farmer of the state, and It will provide the subsidy price solar pump to the farmers. Before taking part in the scheme, the farmer should know about the scheme, and the amount they can get from the government should also be known.

Here, we will provide the amount of the subsidy with the category of the farmer. The farmers have to get knowledgeable about the subsidy amount.

The individual and big farmers will get about 80% subsidy on the solar pump.

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A 90% subsidy will be given to the small and marginal farmers of the state

the groups of a small and marginal farmer/ Kishan Vikas Sangh and registered body of farmers will get a 100% subsidy from the government.