HP Mukhya Mantri Shahri Ajeevika Guarantee Yojna 2020 Online Registration at mmsagy.hp.gov.in Portal

HP Mukhya Mantri Shahri Ajeevika Guarantee Yojna 2020 Online Registration at mmsagy.hp.gov.in Portal

If you are a skilled person and due to some unwanted reason, you have to leave your job during lockdown conditions, and you are looking for a new opportunity, then you don’t have to worry about it.

Recently, the Himachal Pradesh government has launched a scheme named HP Mukhya Mantri Shahri Ajeevika Yojana 2020 for the unemployed skilled youth. Due to the crisis worldwide because of CORONA, a tremendous amount of people have lost their job, and they are now looking for a job.

Many people have left the job because of their problems. The economy of every country is at its lowest peak. The government is attempting many things to improve the economy of the nation. The government is giving many relaxations to all the sectors of the economy.

The state government is offering job opportunities to the skilled youth of the state. They are arranging many opportunities for the youth so that they can get employment and can earn for their family.

About HP Mukhya Mantri Shahri Ajeevika Guarantee Yojana 2020

The government of Himachal Pradesh has launched a scheme name mentioned above. Under this scheme, the government will give employment to the skilled worker for 120 days in the manufacturing industry.

With the help of the scheme, the youth can get the experience to work with industry, and their skill level will also be increased. The government wanted the skilled youth to take training from the industry, and after 120 days, they will able to start the new star-up. To increase the number of start-ups in the state, the government has launched this scheme to train youth.

Through this scheme, many youths will get in touch with much-skilled youth, and they can start their business in partnership with those people. This scheme will also provide earning security to the person for 120 days. However, the person who is taking the training under this scheme will also be given fixed wages.

This scheme is applicable in the urban area of the state. According to the government has been targeted to improve the urban infrastructure. By introducing this scheme, the government aims that the youth get trained, and they are able to establish a new business that will help the government increase production.

To get the benefits of this scheme, the person has to register themselves on the website of the scheme that is launched by the government if Himachal Pradesh. The candidates have to fill the application form to take training and get fixed wages under the Mukhya Mantri Ajeevika scheme. We will give you the information related to the filling of the application form.

HP MMSAGY Application form Process:

To apply in the scheme, the person has to click on the below link.

The link is http://ud.hp.gov.in/mukhya-mantri-shahri-ajeevika-guarantee-yojna-mmsagy.

The interested person can see the application form from the above link. The application form will be in PDF form to download. The persons have to give the correct information in the application form. The persona will have to provide some kind of document for the verification of that person.

The government will also demand the personal information of the person in the application form. So he/she will have to give proper and accurate information to the government. This information will help the government to provide the fixed wages to the appropriate person, and the benefits will also deliver to the right person who needs the benefits. The aim of the scheme can be achieved.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The person should be the local residence of the ULB.
  • The person has to work on the various projects that have been executed or executing. The persons would have to be ready to do unskilled work also.
  • There is an age limit in the selection of the candidates. The age of the person should not be greater than 65 years.