(Registration) Haryana Youth Job Incentive Scheme: Yuva Naukari Protsahan Yojana

(Registration) Haryana Youth Job Incentive Scheme: Yuva Naukari Protsahan Yojana

CORONA pandemic affects the jobs of the youth. All over the world, many people have lost their job due to the CORONA pandemic. In India, also, the same situation occurs. Earlier also, the unemployment rate is higher in India, and now, due to the CORONA lockdown, many other people who have a job also lost their job.

The lockdown condition affects the most employment rate of the nation. However, the government of India is trying to improve the employment level in the country.

The government is announcing many schemes for the citizen of the nation related to increasing the employment rate. The central government, and state government, also implementing the scheme related to employment.

The government is helping the youth of the nation by announcing the job portal where the company who are ready to give a job, and they do not find the required person, and the youth who want the job will come together.

Harayana government Yuva Naukari Protsahan Yojana:

To increase employment in the Haryana state, the government of Haryana has launched a scheme that will excite the youth of the state to get a job. This scheme will also help the youth of the state to find a job that wants to do the job.

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The Chief Minister of the Haryana government, Shri. Manohar Lal Kattar has launched this scheme in considering the unemployed youth of the state.

However, the government will also encourage the industry, which plays a leading role in this scheme. The industries of the state are called job givers. If any industry is given a job to the unemployed youth, then the government will encourage the industries of the state.

Under this scheme, the Haryana government will provide Rs.3000 for three years to those industries that give the job to the unemployed youth of the state.

This encouragement of the government will help the industries in financial ways. The industries will get financial help from the government to give a salary to the unemployed youth. However, the industries can use those funds in other investments also. This encouragement will help in many ways the industries of the state.

The enterprises can improve their production, and the work efficiency will also increase as much unemployed youth is recruited. According to the media news, there are more than 1.20 lakh small and medium industries in the Haryana state.

If all the industries accept the government’s proposal, then a considerable amount of unemployed youth will get employment.

Benefits of the Harayana Yuva Naukri Protsahan Yojana:

As we all know that the Haryana government has launched this scheme to provide help to the unemployed person of the state. This scheme will benefits in many ways the unemployed person as well as the government.

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The unemployed person will get employment under this scheme as the person will get a job in an industry so that they can avail of the technical experience from the industries.

There are so many people who are currently looking for a job as they do not have one. That is why the state government of Haryana is going to help people with unemployment to get some work. So that they can be able to earn some amount of money and survive during these hard times.

The Haryana government has the main focus on providing employment to young people. So the government did manage to launch the Yuva Naukri Protsahan Yojana. It will now be somewhat easy for youngsters to get a job in any organization or company.

After some time on the job, they can start their own enterprise also. So the number of startups in the state will increase, and it will benefit the government. The industries will get Rs.3000 incentive from the government. As many unemployed youths will get employment, the income of the employed person will increase. The economic condition of a family of the employed youth will improve.

Eligibility Criteria of the scheme:

  • The unemployed youth should be a permanent resident of Haryana state.
  • On the basis of merit, the unemployed youth will be provided jobs in industries.
  • The unemployed youth have to submit some documents to the government for verification purposes.
  • The interested candidates can apply for the scheme. For the application purpose, the applicant has to visit the official site of the Yuv Naukri Protsahan yojana, and they have to fill the application form for the scheme.