Haryana eKarma: e-karma scheme, ekarmaindia.com online registration

Haryana eKarma: e-karma scheme, ekarmaindia.com online registration

The government of India gives the state government the right to make some schemes for the betterment of the citizens of the state. The state government of India is from time to time launching many schemes for the people of the state.

Every scheme of the state government will surely help financially or economically help the life of the people. Here, we should take an example of the state named Haryana.

Haraya is one of the states of India. Haryana government often launching many schemes for the people of Haryana. Today, we will discuss the scheme of the Haryana government.

The state government of Haryana did manage to launch a wide variety of schemes with the help of which the citizens and residents of the state will get several benefits. There are so many people who are always looking forward to using the government schemes that are beneficial for them.

It is essential for each and every person who wants to avail of the benefits that the government offers by launching different schemes. But in order to do so, you need to have all the details about the scheme. So that you will have a more clear idea of what the scheme is all about.

The Haryana government has launched an e-karma scheme for the people of Haryana. So in this discussion, we will share with you all regarding information about the Haryana government scheme in this article.

Haryana e-Karma Scheme:

The government of Haryana has launched this scheme to provide employment to graduate students. However, due to corona pandemic, many people do not have jobs. All people are trying to find a job. In this scenario, the Haryana government has launched a training program in which the training will provide college students related to free lensing.

To provide free lensing training, every government college will establish centers of excellence. The centers of excellence will give promotion to the freelancing/ employment/ entrepreneurship.  

Appwork IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is a company that will manage all the centers of excellence in all the colleges at the same time. This company will also give training to graduate students.

The training will help the students in getting jobs, employment. If the students have obtained a job or jobs through this program, then the unemployment ratio will be decreased.

The person who has lost their job in CORONA days can rejoin the new jobs and can easily survive. The Appwork company has set the target to provide almost 3000 student training. Every student will get training in the center of excellence.

The company will give the training to the students for 4 to 6 months under this scheme. In the training of the scheme, the trainer will teach many skills to the students, which are important in getting jobs.

The skills include communication skills, bidding skills, technical skills, etc. The training is only given to those students whose age is not more than 30 years. To take advantage of the scheme, the person should have the permanent residence of the Haraya state.

Benefits Of the e-karma Scheme:

  • In the training of the scheme, the company will give the training related to freelancing job to the students of the college. This will help them to get a new and exciting job.
  • However, with the help of this scheme, the person can find employment, and through this, the unemployment rate can come down.
  • When the training of the student is completed by the company, then the department of higher education of Haryana will also give the certificate of training.
  •  As in the training, freelancing related training is also given then the person can do the job related to free lensing after completion of training.
  • Under the scheme, the online profile, online order, bidding, and taking is also taught in the training.
  • In this scheme, the company will give 4 to 6-month training to the students.
  • The Haryana government has set the target to give more and more students training under this scheme. The government will provide more than 3000 students training under this scheme.
  • After completion of training, more than 3000 people will get a job related to freelancing work. The employment rate of the state will increase.
  • As this is the government scheme, the government will give priority to girls’ students so that they can earn themselves, and they do not have to depend on other people. Also, the mission of the government that is Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Abhiyan, can be achieved.