Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojana 2020 Application / Registration Form – Rs. 1 Lakh to Daughters

Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojana 2020 Application / Registration Form – Rs. 1 Lakh to Daughters

Gujarat is a business base state of India. Gujarat has a high number of start-ups noted in the year 2019 in the nation. The state of Gujarat has also ranked in the list of ease of doing business. In the short economy of Gujarat is a good position as there are high production and manufacturing level.

The Gujarat government has started a scheme for the girl child of the state as we know that the central government is launching many schemes for the women empowerment. The Gujarat government has also launched a scheme for the girl’s child.

However, the Gujarat state is in a good position in almost all the areas of the economy, but in the rank of sex ratio, Gujarat is not in a good position. To improve the sex ration in the state, The chief minister of Gujarat has launched a scheme which will increase the number of girls in comparison to boys.

About Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojana 2020:

As mentioned earlier, Gujarat has a low rank in the sex ratio. The government has considered that matter essential and makes a plan to increase the girl’s birth and allow them to be alive. The Scheme is about to give the financial incentive to the parents of girls’ children for their education and marriage purposes.

According to the Scheme, the Gujarat government will offer Rs.1 lakh to the first and second girl child when they attain 18 years of age. People of the state can fill the application form for the incentive under this Scheme.

This Scheme will help the government to improve the sex ration of the state, which is now at 883. The beneficiary amount will be provided to the parents of the girl child will help them to use it in further study or for marriage purposes.

Online registration of Vahli Dikri Yojana 2020:

The government allowed the citizens of Gujarat to apply for the Scheme. The Gujarat government gives the application form on the online website and enable the citizens to download it and fill it. The government has uploaded the form of the Scheme on the website of the government of Gujarat.

The applicant downloads the application form of the Vahli Dikri scheme and can fill the form. The applicant can fill all the information of the form and submit it to the concerned authority of the government. In the form, the applicant has to give the details of their bank account. In the next month, the applicant will get the incentive amount on their bank account.

The amount that is given under the Scheme:

When a girl child is enrolled in class 1st, Rs.4000 is given from the government. In class 9th, the government will provide Rs. 6000 to the beneficiaries of the Scheme. When the girl’s child attains the age of 18 years, then Rs. 1,00,000 will be given to them.

With the use of this amount, the parents of the girl’s child can use it in further study or for the marriage of the girl. Vahli Dikri yojana will also help the government to reduce the dropout ratio of the girl.

However, due to weak financial conditions, the girls have to dro their studies. Under this Scheme, the government will give financial assistance to them, and they do not have to drop their study.

Eligibility Criteria of the Scheme:

  • The girls should be the permanent residence of the Gujarat state.
  • The financial income of the family should not more than 2 lakh. That means the annual income of the parent of the girls should not more than 2 lakh per year.
  • This is the first kind of Scheme that the government has launched for the daughter of a poor family.