Gujarat Vadil Sukhakari Yojana 2021 – Healthcare Initiative for Elderly Citizens

Gujarat Vadil Sukhakari Yojana 2021 – Healthcare Initiative for Elderly Citizens

The government of Gujarat is launching a scheme for the senior citizens of the state. However, this scheme is launched by the Ahmedabad municipal corporation. The name of the scheme is Vadil Sukhakari Scheme 2021.

Under this scheme, the government will give protection to the senior citizens of the state. The government or municipal corporation people will go to the house of the senior citizen’s person, and they take care of their health.

However, the government of Gujarat is giving the funding to this scene, so indirectly, this scheme is of the Gujarat government scheme.

The government will have to give some financial assistance to the senior citizens person in the state. Through this scheme, the government makes sure about the health of their state’s senior citizens and other people.

The government is also launching many schemes for senior citizens person. The government makes free insurance cover to the poor senior citizen person. In addition to that, the government will make give treatment money to the senior citizens of the state.

In this article, we will provide you all the information about the Gujrat government senior citizens scheme. Not only the Gujarat government but also the central government is giving some relaxation to the senior citizens person of India.

However, the Gujarat government and central government give the pension to the senior citizens person for their survival.

Gujarat Vadil Sukhakari Yojna 2021:

Under the scheme, the team of the paramedical staff of the Gujarat government will visit the senior citizens to check their health. The paramedical staff will give health advice to the State. The government will give the encouragement allowance to the paramedical staff of the state.

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The government will also make sure about the staff to go to each and every senior citizen of the state. There are many senior citizens in the state who dos did not get the proper diet and proper food to eat.

So that their immunity is decreasing. Immunity is the most important to increase in the body. Due to less immunity, the person will fastly connect to the coronaviruses.

The paramedical staff will give all the advice to the senior citizens with not cost a charge to the person. The government will also give them some medicine to the person.

In addition to the medical advice, the government will also allow the paramedical staff to distribute the immunity booster package to all senior citizens. With the help of the advice, the senior citizens will have to take the advice from the medical staff.

There are so many things that you need to know about this Vadil Suraksha Scheme. Also, it is sure that you will just have to go through this article. So that you are going to know everything about the new govt scheme. The new govt scheme is what you should be well aware of. Although the govt scheme will offer benefits to many people, the benefits are going to be sufficient enough to provide satisfaction.

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It is advisable for senior citizens person to take care of their health in this pandemic era. The government makes the advice to the senior citizens to do not to go out before an emergency.

Beneficiaries of the Vadil Suraksha Scheme:

The chances for the covid-19 viruses are huge on our side for the senior citizens. Due to low immunity, the infraction rate is higher in senior citizens. However, the recovery rate is not good in terms of the senior citizen’s infection of covid-19.

The government’s paramedical staff is providing the three immunity booster to the senior citizens. The three immunity booster will include:

  • Vitamin C tablets
  • Zinc Tablets
  • Sasami Vati

Under this scheme, the government makes aims to cover 2000 senior citizens every day. During the visit to the senior citizens, the paramedical staff will check some disease in the place.

After reviewing the disease, the staff will give them according to medicine and other medical advice to that person so that they can take extra care of their health. The disease that is checked by the paramedical staff as below:

  • Diabetes
  • Blood pressure
  • Heartbeats
  • Oxygen level
  • Kidney disease
  • Other related diseases of old age
  • Hypertension