Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme 2021 – Subsidy on Purchase of Electric Scooters

Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme 2021 – Subsidy on Purchase of Electric Scooters

Climate change is the biggest problem in the world. Climate change means the difference in the regular season on an immediate base. You can say that every sector of life will affect climate change. The world is fighting climate change.

However, many countries in the world accept that there is nothing like climate change on earth. Many of the states decided that we should run our economy in consideration of climate change.

The government of every country is trying to reduce the effect of climate change on the world. Due to the impact of climate change, the ice of the north and south poles is melting. Many islands are in a dangerous condition for ice melting.

The United Nations is taking these problems very seriously and making worldwide conventions to reduce climate change. Climate change depends on the greenhouse gas effect, pollution, environmental wastes, plastic pollutions, etc.

The United Nations has declared the Montreal protocol in the Vienna Convention to deplete the ozone layer. However, we know that the ozone layer is protecting the people on earth from the harmful rays of the sun.

However, the Kyoto protocol is for the government of every country to reduce the emission of CO2 in the world. Every country wants to improve its economy by developing many industries. But they forget about the environment.

Industries emit more CO2 into the atmosphere. For less emission, we can use many technics. We can decrease the procedure, which emitted more CO2. We can remove the CO2 from the exhaust of the industries.

Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme 2021 – Subsidy on e Scooters

Reducing the carbon emission program that is the Kyoto protocol, the Indian government has also made some contributions by announcing a scheme. The government of India has announced many terms and conditions for the business is considering climate change.

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The government has also founded many schemes that will protect the environment. We will talk about one of the Indian states in Gujarat. The Gujarat government has announced a scheme for the citizens of Gujarat.

The government will give the promotion to the electric vehicle in the state. However, due to the CORONA crisis, the automobile sector is not in good condition. In between this, the government will give subsidies to the citizens of India who will purchase the electric vehicle.

This scheme is introduced by the chief minister Shri. Vijay Rupani. The government is launching this scheme to promote BS-6 vehicles also.

However, the market has low liquidity of money. To allow citizens to purchase an electric vehicle, the government has launched this scheme.

Overview of Two Wheeler Scheme In Gujarat

The government has launched this scheme for the promotion of electric vehicles. The government of Gujarat establishes this scheme on 17 September 2021 on the birthday of our Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi.

We should use this scheme to purchase an electric vehicle. It is our duty that we should only buy an electric vehicle. We can give our contribution to reducing air pollution by purchasing an electric vehicle.

The Gujarat government has introduced this scheme to celebrate the 70th birthday of the Prime Minister. The subsidy will provide to the students who are studying in class 9th to college.

That means the subsidy will only be given to the students for purchasing the electric vehicle. The government will provide assistance on the 2/3 wheeler. We will provide you with a detailed explanation of the scheme.

Gujarat Two Wheeler and Three Wheeler Scheme 2021 – Subsidy on e-vehicles and e-Rickshaws

As we all know that the government will give the subsidy on purchasing the 2 or 3 wheeler electric vehicles. The government will only provide grants to the students of the Gujarat state. The student who is doing a study in the class 9th to college is eligible for the scheme.

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That means if any student who is studying in class 10th and he/she wants to purchase an electric vehicle, then the government will help him by giving the subsidy on the vehicle. The government will provide Rs. 12,000 each to all the buyers of the two-wheeled electric vehicle.

The government will also give the subsidy on the electric rickshaws. The government will provide Rs.48,000 of support on purchasing rickshaws. That means if any person wants to purchase rickshaws and they have only a little amount of money, then don’t have to worry about it.

Now, it will be possible for all the students who have the wish to get an electric vehicle. The state government of Gujarat will be able to provide the people or consumers who want to get an electric vehicle with a great amount of subsidy. Not only purchasing an electric vehicle will help to reduce air pollution but also it will save a huge fortune.

The government will help them by giving a subsidy of RS.48,000 on an electric rickshaw. They can purchase electric vehicles with the help of the government. The government will provide around 5000 battery controlled vehicle subsidy under the three-wheeler scheme.

Subsidy Scheme to Setup Infrastructure Facilities to Charge Battery-Powered Vehicles

However, the government of Gujarat is giving the subsidy to electric vehicles. There must be some other infrastructure facility for the implementation of this scheme. As the students will purchase the electric vehicle, and they are using it. As the electric vehicle is battery-charged.

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So every buyer should have to charge it often. Its the responsibility of the government to manage the charging station in the state. So that the student can quickly charge their vehicle, and they can easily use it.

The government will also provide financial support of Rs. 5 lakh to establish the charging station. The government announced this scheme for the electric vehicle and the charging station also.

The government has to make sure that there must be enough charging stations in the city. So that the students can use it efficiently, we can assume that the charging station must be around schools and colleges.

Eligibility criteria Gujarat Scooter subsidy scheme

The government has also announced the eligibility criteria of the scheme. Every government scheme has its eligibility criteria and its terms and conditions that every beneficiary has to follow.

To take advantage of this scheme, the citizens or students have to follow the eligibility criteria of the scheme. I will give you the eligibility criteria of the scheme.

  • The student who is availing of the benefits under this scheme should be a permanent resident of Gujarat.
  • The study center of the student must be in Gujarat only.
  • If a student is studying in class 8th, they will not be allowed for the subsidy scheme. That means the student should studying in the std 9th to college.
  • The subsidy of this scheme will only be given to the students if they purchase the electric vehicle.