Gujarat Shramik Manpasand Pass Scheme 2021 – Construction Workers to Get Concessional Bus Passes

Gujarat Shramik Manpasand Pass Scheme 2021 – Construction Workers to Get Concessional Bus Passes

The CORONA crisis affects every citizen of India. It will highly affect the daily earner of the nation. The people who earn daily and from that earning they will survive on a daily basis. If They do not get paid for one day, then they can not eat food for that day. That type of earner is called a daily earner.

However, when the government has announced a lockdown, then every procedure of the daily work was stopped. As the work of every sector has stopped, then the workers that were doing those work were also blocked.

The work has stopped, then the work of the worker was also stopped, then the daily income of the worker is prevented. Income is the most necessary for the everyday worker as we all know that the lockdown was three months long. For these three months, the daily worker did not get a salary for their work.

Every worker is concerned about their survival. They can not pay the rent of their house. They can not be able to earn from other sources also as there is a lockdown in every sector.

The situation of the worker is challenging. They can not travel to their home because all the buses, trains, airways are not available due to lockdown conditions. However, we all know that the lockdown procedure will be in our nation due to the CORONA pandemic.

With the help of lockdown conditions, the government wants to reduce the number of cases of COVID-19 in India.

However, due to lockdown, the spread of CORONA can be decreased. But when the government has open the economy, the cases are increasing rapidly.

The cases of CORONA is increasing in huge amount. However, during lockdown conditions, the worker of any construction site or other government sites will migrate to their hometown. The worker chooses the roadway to travel.

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That means all the daily workers do not have employment due to lockdown and they don’t have work to do so that they can not earn money. It is impossible to survive in this situation. So they think that if they travel to their hometown, they will get some work or they can do farming for their survival. So every worker who re facing a problem is migrating to their hometown.

About Gujarat Sharmik Manpasand Pass Scheme 2021:

Now, as the economy is opening and every sector started their work, there is a lack of workers present. It is difficult for all the site owners to start work without workers. To return that work and to start the work that is pending through lockdown.

So the government of Gujarat has launched a scheme that will encourage the worker to reach the workplace at with low cost. We will talk about the scheme and discuss the features and characteristics of the scheme.

Gujarat building and other construction worker welfare board will launch a scheme for the Shrmik of Gujarat. The government of Gujarat has announced this scheme for the betterment of Shramik of Gujarat.

Due to the lockdown conditions, all the daily workers or Shramik are returning to their hometowns, searching for money.

They are doing farming for their survival. Now, the government has open all the sectors and construction sites for the work. All the workers should have to return for their work. But due to financial problems, some workers can not return for their work.

They have to stay in their hometown and do agricultural work. So the government of Gujarat has found a scheme that will give the worker discount on the monthly pass of the bus. That means the worker can go to the workplace every day and return home at the end of the day.

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For that purpose, the worker has to up-down from their hometown. The scheme is for the worker that if they receive the monthly pass from the ST bus stand, then they will have to pay only 20% of the cost of the monthly pass.

The government of Gujarat will pay the rest of the cost. This Shrmik Manpasand Pass scheme will help the worker to reduce the cost of travel.

Benefits of Gujarat Shramik Manpasand Pass Scheme 2021

With the help of this scheme, the worker can travel to the workplace, and at the end of the day, they can return to their home. So that the worker will not have to face the problem as they have to face the probe during lockdown conditions.

There is indeed a large number of people who are going to get a huge benefit from this Gujarat Shramik Manpasand Pass Scheme. It will be possible for them to save a great amount of money while workers will travel from one place to another. Whether they choose to go by bus or they choose to go by train, it will be beneficial for them.

The Gujarat Shramik Manpasand Pass Scheme will make sure to provide all the workers financial aid for traveling purposes.

To get the benefits in the bus pass, every construction worker has to register themselves on the government as we know that the government will give an 80% discount to the construction worker. The benefit will be available to the registered worker.

To get the advantage of the scheme, the worker should have to register themselves on the building and other construction worker’s welfare boards. Only those workers will benefit from the cost of the ST bus pass, which was previously did report in the board registration.

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The government will give a concession of 80% cost of the total amount of the pass. That means the worker has to pay only a 20% amount of the monthly or quarterly pass.

How to Register with BOCW Board in Gujarat

As we all know that if any worker wants to take the pass of the ST bus from their hometown to their work under this scheme, they have to be registered under the bord. Here, we will tell you how a worker can register themselves on the welfare board.

The building and other construction welfare boards have an official website. Every worker has to visit the official website of the bord.

Then have to register themselves on that website. After registering on the website, they can get a discount on the ST monthly pass. The discount is, only 20% cost of the ST pass will have to pay to be the worker, and the rest of the 80% cost will directly pay to be the government of Gujarat.

List of Documents for Construction Workers Registration Form

For the registration process, the workers have to give some documents for the verification process. All the workers must provide the following document to get the benefits of this scheme. The list of the document is as below:

  • Aadhar card
  • Election card
  • Ration card
  • Bank account details of the worker
  • Income certificate
  • Passport size photograph of the worker
  • Bank account passbook xerox