Gujarat Mukhyamantri Mahila Kalyan (Utkarsh) Yojana 2020 – Interest Free Loans to Women SHGs

‘COVID-19 pandemic will not end till the end of 2021’- The statement was given by the WHO(World Health Organisation), the only health organization in the World. The people have to learn to live with the CORONA pandemic. However, epidemic teaches us many things that we have to in our regular life.

India is fighting with this pandemic in the right ways. The Indian government has announced a lockdown in the whole country. Due to the lockdown situation in the country, every economic progress is stopped.

The growth of the country is decreased due to lockdown conditions. Therefore, the GDP number gave the situation of the economy during lockdown conditions. The central statistic organization (CSO) has announced the GDP of the first half of the Indian financial year is decreased by 23.9%. This is the most significant loss of the economy until this date. The economy was closed during the lockdown.

However, the government is opening its economy through unlocking conditions. Today, all most all the sectors of the economy are opened. There are mainly three pillars of the Indian economy. The first pillar is agriculture. The second pillar is the manufacturing sector. The third one is the service sector of India.

To give financial support to the people of India, the government has announced a 20 lakh crore relief package. To re-established the economy, the government has announced this package. The relief package is called Aatman Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.

Through this Abhiyan, the government will give financial help to all sectors of the economy. However, under this Abhiyan, the government is launching many schemes that will help the citizen of India.

Here, we will talk about one of the schemes that are launched by the Gujarat government to give an interest-free loan to the women of Gujarat. We will provide you all the information related to this scheme. Also, we will provide to step by step information about how to apply in this scheme. To get all the information related to this scheme, read this full article.

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About Gujarat Mukhyamantri Mahila Kalyan (Utkarsh) Yojana 2020

As far as we know that the Gujarat government has launched a scheme that will support the women of Gujarat state by getting an interest free loan. The government of Gujarat will launch this scheme on the birthday of our Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi on 17th September 2020. The Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri.

Vijay Rupani has announced that this scheme will help the women with self-help groups(SHGs) of Gujarat can take this loan. This scheme was announced on a budget of the Gujarat state on 26th February 2020. Under this scheme, the women of self-help groups(SHGs) can able to take the loan from the government with 0% interest.

The interest of the loan will be given by the government directly to the bank. Under this scheme, the government will give up to 1 lakh rupee loan to the self-help groups(SHGs), Sakhi Mandal, in rural areas. That means women can take a loan under this scheme, not more than 1 lakh rupee from the government.

The objective of this scheme:

The Gujarat government has announced this scheme with a great objective. We should know the purpose behind this scheme and can help the government to achieve this objective.

Behind this scheme, the government wats to increases women’s participation in new start-ups and enterprises. The government wants the women of Gujarat have become jobmakers instead of the job seeker. This scheme will help to women to sustain in amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The government has launched this scheme to increase women’s empowerment. Mukhyamantri Mahila Kalyan Yojana or Mukhyamantri Mahila Utkarsh Yojana will able the women of Gujarat to take the loan up to 1 lakh rupee with 0% interest and start their own business. Under this scheme, the women can get a hassle-free loan from the government.

Gujarat Mukhyamantri Mahila Kalyan Yojana 2020-21

Chief Minister of Gujarat Vijay Rupani has announced Gujarat Mukhyamantri Mahila Kalyan Yojana 2020-21 on budgetary speech. However, this scheme is pa=lanned to launch on the birthday of our Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi on 17th September. ‘

That means the women of the Gujarat government will able to take the loan under this scheme after 17th September 2020. In this scheme, the government of Gujarat will provide up to 1 lakh rupee loan with 0% interest.

The government has targeted to get the benefits of around 2.51 Sakhi Mandals registered in rural areas and 24,000 Sakhi mandals registered in urban areas. All the women should take this loan from the government, and they should start their own business in the state amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

They can survive in this situation by allowing any new business in their life. With the help of this scheme, the women get skilled and aware, and they can do their own business confidently. The government will also allow the women that they can make a group and make a business company. This will also increase the GDP of the nation.

Lending to JLEG in Gujarat Mukhyamantri Mahila Utkarsh Yojana

Under this scheme, the government has targeted to provide a total of Rs.1000 crore loan to registered self-help groups as a joint liability and earning group(JLEG). During this post-COVID-19 lifestyle, all women must play its vital role in the economy of India as well as their own economic conditions. To make this in real, the government has announced this scheme to lend 1 lakh rupee to women with a 0% interest loan.

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To implement this scheme, the government has made around 50,000 joint liability and earning group(JLEG) in rural areas and 50,000 such groups in urban areas. Each group will contain ten women in it. The government will give all the women an interest-free loan. The government is also decided to waive the charges of stamp duty for the loan to be given to the women. Around 2.75 lakh Sakhi Mandal will get the benefits from this scheme.

How to Apply Online for Gujarat Mukhyamantri Mahila Kalyan (Utkarsh) Yojana

The Gujarat government has allocated about Rs.193 crore budget for this scheme. In order to give an interest-free loan, the women have to apply in this scheme. Mahila Utkarsh Judith consisting of urban and rural women, will only able to get the benefits from the government if they apply for this chem.

To apply in this scheme, the women have to fill the online application form. Just like other schemes, the Gujarat government may be made a portal for this scheme. Every woman needs to fill the application form to get the benefits of this scheme.