Guilt Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, Storyline, and Everything You Need To Know

Guilt Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, Storyline, and Everything You Need To Know

Guilt is the first-ever drama series that arrives on BBC Scotland channel. The series perfectly combines thriller and mystery, and Neil Forsyth fantastically creates it. The core of the series is mainly focused on two brothers’ stories, Jamie Sives and Mark Bonnar, who is indulged with a hit and run cases. The series is getting much love and support from their fans. Also, it is one of the best Scottish series created by Neil Forsyth.

Now, if we talk about the IMDb Rating of one of the outstanding thriller series, Guilt, it is 7.3 out of 10. 

Also, the series has successfully released three seasons of it, out of which the very first season was released on 24th October 2019. The Guilt season 2 was released in the autumn of 2021, and recently the makers released season 3 on 25th April 2023.

Now, after releasing the third season of The Guilt season 3, the creators have also announced that it is the final part of the series, and now they may start another project with a few of the same cast members. But, fans are still hoping that the makers may change their decision regarding season 4, and they may announce their happening.

So, here in this article, we will discuss all the essential information about the Guilt forthcoming season 4, including its list of characters, expected storyline, whether it’s happening or not, and much more. 

Guilt Season 4 Cast Member:

As we said above, the makers have not confirmed the happening of the fourth season, but still, many fans are hoping for season 4 and are eager to know the list of characters who might appear in it.

So, for their concern, here we have shared an expected cast member list, which includes;

  • Mark Bonnar as Max McCall
  • Isaura Barbe-Brown as Yvonne Nixon 
  • Euan McNaughton as Sir Jim Sturrock 
  • Amelia Isaac Jones as Skye Burns 
  • Ian Pirie as Sandy Ralph 
  • Gregor Firth as Archie 
  • Noof McEwan as Cameron Lovat 
  • Moyo Akandé as Tina Hicks
  • Sian Brooke as Claire McCall 
  • Stewart Porter as Jim McLean 
  • Henry Pettigrew as DC/PC Stevie Malone 
  • Greg McHugh as Teddy McLean 
  • Sara Vickers as Erin McKee 
  • Ellie Haddington as Sheila Gemmell 
  • Phyllis Logan as Maggie Lynch 
  • Stuart Bowman as Roy Lynch 
  • Bill Paterson as Roy Lynch 
  • Ruth Bradley as Angie Curtis 
  • Emun Elliott as Kenny Burns
  • Jamie Sives as Jake McCall

Guilt Season 3 Overview:

“Guilt” is the most common word for all of us, right? So, this entire season is also based on A Guilt which was beautifully created by Neil Forsyth and directed by a well know directors Patrick Harkins and Robert McKillop.

The series’ main storyline begins with two brothers, Jake and Max, who are incidentally involved in a hit-and-run case when they return to their home after attending a wedding. 

And fans have seen that in their incidental hit-and-run case, they kill one older man in an Edinburgh street, and now they both are trying to cover their crime.

But as the season progressed, their difficulties also increased season by season, and they started facing more problems. Now, let’s move towards knowing the finale end of the series, that is, towards the end of season 3, which consists of four episodes. 

So, the finale end of this trio series is quite happy, where the fans see that both the brothers are trying to move ahead, but some of their memories and people are constantly following him as they know the truth about both.

But, in the end, they both are constantly working to take a step ahead from their past action, as they want to live a future without any fear.

Also, they both feel Guilt for their activity in the end, so now the fans are more excited to know what story the makers will add to the future plot.

Guilt Season 4 Expected Storyline:

As we discussed, the makers have announced that season 3 will only be the series’s last and final seasons. 

Still, after seeing the ending part of season 3, the fans expect more seasons of the Guilt series and hope that the makers will change their decision and may agree to make Guilt Season 4. 

The ending part of season 4 is full of surprise and suspense, and it also indicates many upcoming stories too, but the thing is, the makers have yet to share any confirmed news regarding the happening of the series. 

So, the makers have to wait a little longer to know about the happening of the forthcoming season. 

Guilt Series Creators Team:

A top-rated series named Guilt was written by a famous writer, Neil Forsyth, who also created the entire series. Also, it is directed by Patrick Harkins.

The series also has many well-known star castes, like Mark Bonnar, Ruth Bradley, Bill Paterson, Moyo Akande, Phyllis Logan, etc., whose actions are much appreciated by their fans.

Also, the Guilt has a few producers team too, including Eric Coulter, Kirstie MacDonald, Neil Webster, Jules Hussey, etc., and most of the season has four episodes, with a duration of 1 hour.

The production companies like BBC Scotland, BBC Studios, and Entertainment Happy Tramp North are all prominent supporters of the series where they have officially released its series. 

Guilt Season 4 Release Date:

As we have stated above, the makers have not shared any confirmed news about the happening of the series, but still, viewers are constantly hoping that they may be able to watch the forthcoming season soon.

And, if there is season 4, it will also be released by the end of 2024, until fans have to wait patiently for it. 

Guilt Season 4 Latest Updates (2023):

Guilt is one of the award-winning comedy-drama Scottish series that Neil Forsyth wrote. Whenever we talk about the Guilt series, we are talking about such a series full of joy, twists, turns, and, ofcourse, some dark sides too.

And, after the ending of Guilt season 3, all the fans of Guilt were very eager to know whether there would be a season 4 or not; But, after releasing season 3, the creators of the show Forsyth said that the third is the only final season of Guilt series because they want to do a trilogy of Guilt series.

So, at present, we are not having any further happening from the side of their creators. 

Where to Watch Guilt Season 4:

All the existing fans of the Guilt series who are facing trouble watching the series, here we have provided you a platform from which you can easily manage to watch the entire seasons of the Guilt, including the BBC iPlayer, which is the official platform of the series.

Also, it is available on the following platforms, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and iTunes.

Guilt Season 4 Trailer:

Unfortunately, we still dont have any last news about the happening of Guilt Season 4, so we currently dont have any trailer updates for the same.

But don’t worry, guys, here we have shared the link to its previous Guilt series season 3 trailer, so enjoy watching it.

Bottom Lines:

Guilt is one of the outstanding and first BBC channel-released series, especially created by Neil Forsyth. The series has gained popularity in many countries and is available in many countries, like France, America, Sweden, etc. Not only that, but the fans also like the cast members’ acting and also appreciate their roles in the series.

After releasing the series’ three seasons, the fans are excited to learn more about its forthcoming season. Still, the thing is, as per an interview conducted, the makers have shared the news that they currently have no plans for creating season 4, and nothing is confirmed yet. 

So, fans are disappointed with this decision of the makers; now let’s see what happens next.

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