Google launches a social network similar to Pinterest

Google has taken another social network out of his pocket.

This is Keen, a new Web application and Android app created by the experimental group Area 120 of Google, an internal project in the company that promotes the creativity of its employees. In this division, product or service ideas are experimented with, tested and defined if they become a formal product or close after a while.

Keen works almost identically to Pinterest and is based on creating lists (like Pinterest boards) where you can include any images about things that interest you. You can also follow the lists created by other users. The difference with Pinterest is that Keen uses artificial intelligence to show you things based on your interests.

“Keen is not intended to be a place where you spend endless hours browsing. Instead, it is a home for your interests, a place to make them grow, share them with loved ones, and find things that will help you,” wrote CJ Adams, co-founder of the service, in a blog post on June 18.

The app is now available to download on Google Play and also in its Web version. At the moment it is unknown if there will ever be a version of the app on iOS.

This is not the first social network that Google launches, although in general, it has not been very successful in that field. In 2019 he launched Shoelace, a social network to make plans only among people living in New York, although this closed its doors on May 12. Google Plus, the social network that passed without pain or glory on the Internet, also said goodbye in 2019.

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