Google has scaled back its diversity and inclusion programs: report

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Google faces new criticism on diversity.

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Several current Google employees and former employees believe that the company has decreased or completely eliminated its diversity and inclusion initiatives in order to avoid any negative reaction from conservative groups, according to a report published by NBC News.

In a report published May 13 by NBC News, a group of employees and former employees of the search giant indicated that the team responsible for creating diversity and inclusion projects was reduced by almost half, and those full-time vacancies have not have been occupied to date or have been replaced by subcontracting.

According to interviewees, the reason behind the cut in these programs – like Sojourn, focused on promoting social justice – is to protect the company from a negative reaction by conservatives. “[Google] He doesn’t want to open the door to possible lawsuits or claims by white right-wing employees alleging that Google discriminates against them, “a Google employee, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, told NBC News.

Following these statements, Melonie Parker, director of diversity at Google, said that the company has made changes to its diversity programs to offer solutions that can be applied in its offices around the world. Parker added that the Sojourn program could not be applied in other company offices, as its focus was on racism in the United States.

Diversity has been a touchy subject at Google in recent years, as the vast majority of the company’s workforce is made up of white and Asian employees – more than nine out of 10 jobs (93.6 percent). The number of black and Latino employees remains small compared to the total workforce, although Google indicates that it has hired people from these minorities at a faster rate than other companies.

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