Google Duo now allows sending invitation links like Zoom: report


Group video calls allow up to 32 users on Google Duo.

Érika García / CNET

The video calling app Duo de Google has released a new feature available on other competing platforms like Zoom: invitation links.

Google Duo announced this option to send invitation links via a blog post in May, but the option wasn’t activated in the Android and iOS versions of the app until a few weeks later, according to Android Police. The source media says that it is a novelty that Google is activating from its servers and that you do not need to update or search for an update to find it available. Of course, keep in mind that it could take a few days to appear on your cell phone. At the time of writing, CNET in Spanish could not verify that the option is available in any of the mobile versions of Google Duo.

According to the screenshots shared by Android Police, the new function will be shown in the group chat window itself and it will be enough to click on the options to copy or share in another application to send the link to anyone without having to have their contact on your schedule.

Duo has recently been adding new features, such as new effects and drawing tools during a call, or the ability to make video calls of up to 32 people, making it a powerful alternative to Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

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