Google Chrome will allow you to group and tag tabs

This is what the groups of tabs in Google Chrome look like, available from next week for all users.


Google Chrome will soon be able to make life easier for addicts to a thousand active tabs when browsing.

Google revealed on Wednesday May 13 the new function that will allow grouping and tagging tabs in the Google Chrome browser. The feature will reach all users starting the week of May 18, Google said in the announcement; Chrome’s current beta already includes this feature.

“There are two types of people in the world,” says Google in the statement. “Eyelash minimalists who have just a few, and eyelash collectors, who have significantly more. For minimalists and collectors, we’re going to launch a new way to group eyelashes in Chrome.”

To group tabs, just right click on the tab bar in the browser and start customizing the group. Custom names can be created depending on the theme of the tabs or their importance, and a color can also be assigned.

Google says that this feature has been in testing for a long time and they have come across different types of organization, from management by themes or priority, to emojis. The tab groups, Google says, are saved for when the browser is closed and reopened.

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