Find Your Lost / Stolen Mobile Phone – Make Complaint Registration at Official Website

Find Your Lost / Stolen Mobile Phone – Make Complaint Registration at Official Website

The government of India has launched a portal to find the stolen mobile phone. The government has set the process of how to find the stolen mobile phone all over the country. However, it is the responsibility of the citizen to protect their phone from the thief.

But some time due to a lack of attention, the thief kept the mobile phone. To decrease the cases of a stolen phone, the government takes this step. This is the most important step towards removing the stolen policy of the thief.

With the help of this portal, the police will easily catch the thief. Nowadays, the cases are increased in the police station due to nonsocial people.

About the Central Equipment Identity REgister:

As mentioned earlier, that this portal is launched because the government wants to solve the mobile stolen intensity. India’s government has made a portal to solve the problem, and the mobile owners can get their stolen mobiles.

The name of the portal is the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR). The portal’s title suggests that the government will make some type of register and the person whose mobile is stolen have to register themselves on that portal.

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When your phone is stolen, you have to register the details of your phone on the website of the portal that is

In addition to this, the person should have to file an FIR in the police station. One more thing that the person has to do is he/she have to inform the department of telecommunication through helpline number 14422.

That means the person has to call on the toll-free number 14422. This number is the department of telecommunication of government. Then the department will help you to find your stolen phone from all over India. The government will help to find the stolen phone through the IMEI verification code.

However, the department of telecommunication is working on the portal for many years. The reports say that the department is working on the central equipment identity register since 2017. The department has collected the database of the International mobile equipment identity (IMEI) of every mobile.

According to the government, IMEI is a 15 digits unique number of every mobile. This unique number will identify the mobile devices all over India. The telecom minister has launched this portal for the stolen phone.

How the CEIR Scheme Helps you to Find your phone:

  • The person whose mobile phone is stolen will file the FIR in the nearer police station. The department will collect all the information about the FIR and mobile phone.
  • After filing the FIR, the person has to inform the department of telecommunication on phone number 14422.
  • When you inform the department of telecommunication, they will blacklist the IMEI number of your mobile phone. The result of the blacklist of the IMEI number will not access any mobile network in the future also.
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Block Your Device – Make Complaint @

when the user’s mobile phone is stolen, then the user can block their device through this process. The users can block their devices through the below three methods.

  • The person can submit the form of the stolen from on the website. In the procedure of filling form in an online mode is as given below. The person should have to keep a copy of the FIR with them.
  • The mobile owner should have to keep the duplicate SIM card from the telecom companies. The identity proof of the person should also require registration.
  • The person should have to fill out the stolen mobile registration form on the central equipment identity register (CEIR) complaint.
  • The mobile owner can get their stolen mobile through the TSP’s specified customer outlets.
  • The person can also inform the state police about the information related to the stolen mobile phone.