Facebook will help register 4 million voters in the United States

Facebook announced the creation of a new voter information center that aims to inform users about the voting process as well as provide tools for them to register as voters. The social network will use the Facebook, Instagram and Messenger platforms to achieve its goal of registering 4 million voters.

“With the US election less than five months away, today Facebook is launching the largest election information campaign in the history of the United States,” Facebook said June 17 on its blog. According to the social network, the COVID-19 pandemic it forced many states to make changes to their voting processes, creating uncertainty among voters. “By providing clear, accurate and authoritative information to people, we reduce the effectiveness of malicious networks that could try to exploit uncertainty and interfere with the election,” she added.

Through the Voting Information Center, people can obtain information on how to register to vote, how to request an absentee ballot or by mail, and they will also be able to see electoral alerts according to their location. “Our intention is simple but ambitious: to help all eligible voters who use our platform in the US to vote this year,” Facebook said. The social network also indicated that this information center will also be another line of defense to combat electoral interference.

This information center, which will be very similar to the created for the COVID-19 health crisis, It will be active this summer and will be visible on top of Facebook and Instagram.

As part of measures that Facebook will implement As part of its strategy to protect the United States elections in 2020, the social network will also allow people in the United States to deactivate both the social, electoral or political ads of the candidates, Super PAC or other organizations on Facebook and Instagram. “that has the legend of” Paid for “.

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