[eSanjeevani] eSanjeevani OPD Registration: Patient/Token Generation

[eSanjeevani] eSanjeevani OPD Registration: Patient/Token Generation

We can say 2020 is a quarantine year. You will shock after reading this sentence. I ill explain to you why I have said that sentence as we all know that the pandemic is spreading worldwide. Every government of the world’s nation is announcing a lockdown in their country.

The epidemic is mostly spread in Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia, the USA, Canada, and each and every country of the world. CORONA affect the economy of all the country of the world. We can say that today the world is running in a recession-era. Mejor recession is coming into the world.

The governments of every country are concern about their economy. The economy is the major stuff that effectively affects the life of every people. We are living in a world where the economy is mere important than the life of human beings. We can say this sentence because in this very critical time all country is worrying about the economy and status of their nation in comparison to other nation.

However, the government is very much concerned about their human capital. Because without human capital, a country is nothing. Many countries are worrying about their human capital, and many are their economy. However, this is the personal choice of their country.

Here, we will talk about India. For past years, India is valuing human capital. India is doing very much value of human capital. Without concern about the economy, the Indian government has announced a lockdown in the whole country. Due to reducing the CORONA infection in the country, the Indian government has announced lockdown.

About eSanjeevani OPD Portal:

As the government has announced the lockdown in the nation, every citizen has to work from home. No one can go out for any purpose. However, you can go out for purchasing life necessary things, medical emergency, vegetables, etc.

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A medical emergency is the critical situation of the patient so that they can go out and get the treatment from the doctors. However, the government is opening its economy through the unlocking process.

Unlocking the economy is opening the economy. Due to the opening of the economy, the cases of CORONA is increasing very rapidly. The government is launching many schemes that will help citizens get benefits and take advantage of that scheme at home only.

The government is trying to arrange that the benefits of the scheme will provide to the citizen at home only. The citizen should not have to visit any office to get benefits.

For the ease of citizens, the government of India launched a portal named eSanjeevani OPD portal. As the name of the portal suggest that the portal is something related to the medical sector. Yes, you are right.

The portal is associated with the medical advisory. The main objective of the government behind found this portal is the patient should not have to visit the hospital because of the moderate condition of the patient.

In ordinary life, If we are suffering from any disease like fever, cough, digest problem, and headache, etc., then we will take the advice from our family doctor or any other specialist. Today, for this common problem, we can go out for the advice of a doctor we should stay at home only. This porta will help the citizens to give a treatment of normal disease at home only.

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About e Sanjeevani OPD Waiting Room & Consultation

The eSanjeevani portal is developed by the Centre of development of advanced computing(C-DAC). The center for the development of advanced computing is one type of organization that creates the portal to avail the service to the citizens at their home only.

The ministry that is connected to this portal is the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. On this portal, the doctor will give the medical advice to the patient for their health. If any patients want to take advice, then they have registered themselves on that portal. This system is commonly called a doctor to doctor telemedicine system.

Under this portal, the 155,000 health and wellness center under the Ayushman Bharat scheme of the central government. On the total eSanjeevani OPD, service can be provided from 11 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 5 pm.

On Sunday, the service on the portal will be closed. So the patient can take the advice from the doctor between Monday to Saturday only. With the help of this portal, a citizen can get online medical advice from the doctor without going to their clinic physically.

Consultation on eSanjeevaniOPD

We will explain to you the consultation process of this portal. You should use this process and allow them to take your medical advice. On this portal, The doctor and patient will be on a video call. The doctor will assess the patient’s health record, and then he will listen to the problem of the patient.

The doctor will give the medical advice to the patient on a call. Then the doctor will prepare an e-prescription of the patient. And in the end, the doctor will send that prescription to the patient so that they can take treatment. The doctor will end the video call. This way, the patient can take the medical advice from the doctor on the eSanjeevani portal.

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Download e Sanjeevani OPD App from google play store

If any person wants medical advice from this portal, then that has to download the app. If any patient does not have any serious problem, they should take this type of medical advice on this portal. It is advisable that if any patient has a severe problem, then they should consult the doctor physically and immediately.

The moderate patient can use this application for medical advice. For the use, the patient can download this application form the google play store and install it on their mobile. To take medical advice from the doctor, the patient should register themselves on the portal. After installing the portal, the patient should register by opening the portal.

Salient features of this citizen-friendly National Online OPD service (eSanjeevaniOPD) are:

I will give you the features of this portal.

  • You can register yourself on the portal.
  • After registration, a patient will get a token for their turn.
  • The patient can consult with the doctor with audio or video call.
  • The e-prescription will be given to the patient from the doctor.
  • The service available on this portal is totally free for all the citizens.