Dropbox launches password manager

Dropbox announced the week of June 15 a series of new features for added security.

One of the novelties of Dropbox is Password, an application to manage passwords and that synchronizes credentials (user names and passwords) on all platforms where Dropbox operates.

The Password app allows users to log in to Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Dropbox ensures that they do not have a copy of these passwords and only the user is aware of the credentials stored in the digital safe.

In addition to the Password app, Dropbox announced new security features and a family plan that will reach all users later this year.

Vault is a new way to safely store sensitive files. Dropbox Vault stores, under a second code, documents, photos and any type of compatible file that is still available in your Dropbox account and can be shared with trusted friends and family.

Dropbox also unveiled the Dropbox App Center, a virtual platform from which users can review which apps — like Zoom, Slack, or Google — have access to and sync with Dropbox. Users can see the linked apps and break the relationship if they wish.

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