Disney releases new series of Frozen shorts on YouTube


The new Disney short features Olaf and an adorable snowgie.

Disney / Screenshot by Shelby Brown / CNET

Disney animator Hyrum Osmond is creating a new series of Frozen shorts called At Home with Olaf to help keep entertained children who are homebound due to the coronavirus pandemic. The new series features the adorable snowman Olaf (voiced by Josh Gad) and his adventures in Arendelle.

The first episode, Fun in the Snow, shows Olaf throwing snowballs in the woods and laughing. When a snowgie approaches, those little snowmen Elsa creates, Olaf mistakenly throws the head of one of the little snow creatures. The snowgie runs off and returns with her head. And so this pair continues to play.

It is unknown how many Olag shorts Disney plans to release, and how often, but the Disney Animation tweet that released the 40-second short had an emotional reception from fans.

While you’re waiting for the next Olaf short, you can watch Frozen, Frozen II and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure on Disney Plus.

And while you’re waiting for Olaf’s next short, you can see Frozen, Frozen II and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in Disney Plus.

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