Diego Luna sits with you at the table to discuss relevant issues

In recent years, its popularity has been growing like a foam and reaching audiences that until then probably did not know of its existence, mainly due to its stellar participation in a film belonging to the universe of “Star Wars” (“The Rogue One ”) And his leading role in the first two seasons of the acclaimed Netflix series“ Narcos: México ”.

Now, Diego Luna has announced that he will have his own series, titled “Pan y Circo” and very close to premiere. But you should not believe that it is a fictional project or an autobiographical comedy (that is, the genres in which famous actors normally interfere when they want to get out of their ‘comfort zones’), because the talented Mexican interpreter has decided to try your luck in a different format.

And it is that, unexpectedly, it will be a space for discussion on relevant and very current issues, as evidenced by the disclosure of the content of the seven programs that will make up the first season: gender violence and femicide; climate change; decriminalization of abortion; racism and identity; drug legalization; migration; and COVID-19.

In the course of the episodes, Luna will have personalities from different fields as guests, since he will be accompanied not only by his professional colleagues Gael García Bernal (with whom he actually founded La Corriente del Golfo, the company that produces this show) and Ana de la Reguera, but also by the Secretary of the Interior Olga Sánchez Cordero; Dr. Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion of the Government of Mexico; the former president of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos; the musician and activist Rubén Albarrán; singer Li Saumet; the soprano mixe María Reyna; the activist of the Indigenous Front of Binational Organizations Odilia Romero; and the environmentalist Julia Carabias, among others.

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That’s not all, because there will be a lot of food on display, as everything seems to indicate that another of the series’ intentions is to spread the virtues of the most distinguished Mexican chefs, who will prepare special menus to accompany the discussions, which curiously brings the proposal to past programs that have done something similar, but in the midst of much more superficial discussions than these.

In addition, the episodes were made in real locations in Baja California, Puebla, Quintana Roo and Mexico City, which opens the possibility that it is not a ‘study’ program, but one that handles a much more open proposal with which we can get to know different geographical environments of the neighboring country.

The only exception to the rule will be the final chapter, which is dedicated to the coronavirus and whose recording did not put anyone at risk, because it was carried out remotely once the quarantine was already on its feet, appealing to virtual interviews.

“Pan y Circo” will premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on August 7 of this year, and its producers assure that, in addition to being an instructional series, it will include a lot of fun and entertainment on its unusual menu. It is necessary to add that Luna has always shown himself to be a conscious, reasonable and educated person, so there is a great possibility that he will become an excellent television moderator.