Dark mode comes to Gmail for iPhone and iPad

The dark mode in Gmail comes, at last, to iOS.

The messaging app for iPhone and iPad has been updated, but it is a novelty that Google is activating from its servers and you do not need to update or look for an update. Of course, keep in mind that it could take a few days to appear on your iPhone.

To activate the dark mode in the Google mail client on your Apple device, you must open the Gmail app and click on the side menu located in the upper left corner to find the “Settings” option. Here you must go to the “Theme” option where you will see three options: “Light”, “Dark” and “System default”. If you choose “Dark” the Gmail interface will be darkened regardless of whether the mode is activated or not in the entire operating system. If you want the application to adapt to the iOS mode, you just have to select “System Default”.


You have three mode options to select from in Gmail for iOS.

Érika García / CNET

Recently also Dark mode came to the Apple Store app, Although unlike Gmail, it does not have its own activation mode, but depends on the operating system of the cell phone.

The dark mode inverts the colors of the applications by placing the text on a black background, something that reduces the battery consumption of the phone and supposedly, is less tiring for the user when they use the screen for a long time or in the absence of light in the environment.

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WhatsApp dark mode is here


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