Couchtuner – Best Movie Watch & You Need To Know About!!


Couchtuner – Best Movie Download & Watch & You Need To Know About!!

After a long devastating and frustrating day, all you need to do is watch some amazing and exciting entertaining content that will relax your mind. Movies, Web series and TV shows are the major resources of entertainment nowadays. People are more indulged to find trusted ways to watch or stream any and every kind of entertainment content such as Movies, TV shows, realistic events, or any other interesting videos for free online. Today, we are going to talk about one such website that will be able to help users with the fulfillment of their need to watch various kinds of movies online and that too for free. There are so many websites available over the internet that claims to offer people numerous entertainment content to stream for free. But many of them are pirated or fake ones which is the reason why you need to have all the essential information.


In this article, we are going to provide you all the important information about one of the most popular online platforms that people are using for streaming movies online and that is Couchtuner. There are authorized websites available to stream as well as download tons of movies and TV shows in a high-quality format. But those authorized websites will definitely charge monthly or yearly subscription and people have to purchase their choice of subscription plan to enjoy watching the content. Such websites are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu. CW, and other similar authorized websites. Unfortunately, not all people are financially capable of purchasing those expensive subscriptions. So people believe more in stuff that is available for free over the internet where they do not have to spend even a single penny. Couchtuner is one such website that is useful for streaming various entertainment works and content for free of cost.

What is Couchtuner?

Couchtuner is one of the online platforms that you have surely heard the name of. One can get all the movies and TV shows in one place and that too with ease. It is basically a video streaming website that requires no subscription when you are using it. If you are a movie junkie who loves watching movies for entertainment purposes. Then you might want to give the Couchtuner website a try. All kinds of movies and web series are available on the Couchtuner website so that you will not have to howl through other online platforms. The site owners respect and value all the visitors that trust it with the entertainment content to be watched for free online. So all the content that is being uploaded on the website is totally available in HD quality and better sound. Users can watch HD quality content easily on the  Couchtuner website.

The website is up and running smoothly since 2010 which is the main reason behind the overgrowing popularity of the website. Also, all the entertainment content is uploaded daily with updated movies and TV shows collection. So that each and every user of the website will get the latest episodes of their favorite TV shows as well as recently released movies. Couchtuner is the best place to visit if you are in search of the website that offers the access to watch or stream thousands of movies for free online over the internet. But let us inform you about the negative side of the Couchtuner website. The Couchtuner website does not have any copyright or proper licenses over the entertainment content that it has uploaded on the website. So the government official has banned and restricted people to use such pirated websites that allow users to stream pirated content free.

How Does Couchtuner Work?

As you now know that the website is one of the most popular pirated websites that allows you to stream your favorite movies online, you will surely want to know about the working of the Couchtuner website. It is very simple and easy to understand the working of Couchtuner. The website is not hosting any of the entertainment content that is available to stream on the website. So the users are directed to the websites that illegally provide access to watching pirated movies and TV shows through the links available on the Couchtuner website. In order to raise the flicks, the website is using its users to click on the hyperlinks by promoting the latest release of the content. Also, the website is not obstructed by government laws due to the consistency in altering the domain names. The website can be accessed with the help of different proxy links available.

Couchtuner Features

Due to all the features and simple user-interface of the Couchtuner website, there has been a constant growth of the visitors every month. The website itself claims that it is a pirated website and it has no content uploaded on its web servers. It should also be noted the website claims to be not responsible for any kind of violation. So all the users who are visiting the website for downloading various entertainment content are doing it at their own risks. The features of the websites are one of the reasons for the website to be on the top list. Some of the features that the Couchtuner website offers its users are as follows:

  • Access to download unlimited movies, TV shows, and web series
  • All the entertainment content available on the website is free
  • Stream movies and other content in HD quality
  • Well categorized for the instant searching
  • Informs users about the TV schedule
  • Search among oldest to newest entertaining TV shows and movies
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Couchtuner Unique and Popular

The Couchtuner website stands out among all the other movie downloading and streaming websites that are available over the internet. One of the best things that pull all of its users to use the Couchtuner website is its consistent uploading of the latest released movies in HD quality. All the entertainment content that the website offers its users is what makes the website unique and popular. You can easily navigate and search for specific movies or TV shows that you are seeking over the website. Also, the categories will help the user to find their favorite movies that are available to stream on the Couchtuner website. The categories are Bollywood, Hollywood, Dubbed, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and so on. So it is more believed that you will not have any kind of regression while streaming the most viewed movies on the website. Most movies are available in HD, Bluray, and MKV.

Couchtuner – Best Alternative Websites

Well, if you are aware of the fact that there are many similar websites like the Couchtuner website. Then you must also have to know that not all of them will serve the same purpose as Couchtuner. Some of the websites will be fake while some are just a copy of the Couchtuner website. So you have to be careful while you are streaming through the websites that offer you various entertainment content for free of cost. But there is nothing to worry about if you are looking for some trusted pirated websites to watch or download your favorite movies and TV shows. Because we have enlisted here the best alternative of the Couchtuner website so that you can have all the essential information about them. Also, note that all the information is for the readers in order to know which websites they should avoid to visit and download from.


If you want to enjoy your favorite TV shows, Movies, Celebrity events, or any other entertaining content for free on the internet. Then you definitely want to give Cucirca a try. Even though Couchtuner is offering its users movies, TV shows, and exciting music videos to stream for free, most people are using Cucirca for streaming the latest uploaded TV shows. Whether you want to watch an old web series or the latest one, you can find it on the Cucirca website. As the website is only about TV shows and series, one can get a look at the collection that people have never come across before. The site is one of the most video streaming websites that is specifically known for streaming episodes of newest series and that too for free without any kind of interruptions.

Show Box:

Show Box is a similar website just like the Popcorn Time but it has an app that is more popular than its websites. The app is mostly designed for the android mobile and it is also not available in google play store. There are a lot of things that the app of Show Box will offer you. Apart from the most popular movies and web series, you will also get interesting documentaries to stream or download from the app as well as the website. Show Box is a free online streaming website that promotes pirated content so you will have to use it at your own risks.

Cafe Movies:

No other website is as similar to the Couchtuner website as the Cafe Movies website. It is right now one of the hottest websites that people are using to stream quality content over the internet. The website has a huge collection of movies and TV shows that people love to watch. You will surely be impressed to watch what you will see when you will be visiting the Cafe Movies website. All the content is so well organized on the website that you will have no difficulty in finding your favorite movies or TV shows.

Select TV:

Select TV is a total entertainment package as people will find whatever they are looking for all in one place. So users tend to use the Select TV website more than other similar websites. Any person can find their favorite Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Music, and Trending Video Songs on the website. It should be noted that the basic services of the Select TV website are for free while you will have to pay a little for getting the premier services. The subscription charge is only $2 per year and so the website stands out among those expensive subscription websites.

Watch Episode:

Whether you are a fan of “Better Call Saul” or ”The Witcher”, you can be able to get the desired TV show on the Watch Episode website. On the website, you will surely come across a large number of TV shows that will entertain you when you are feeling bored. All the TV shows lovers out there in the world can use the website properly as it only offers the content that they seek. One of the best features of the Watch Episode website is the “TOP 10” category where users can find the trending and most viewed TV shows that are available on the website.

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The Series Online:

The Series Online, as the name suggests, is one of the best alternatives to the Couchtuner website that offers only TV series to stream for free. It has been gaining a tremendous amount of popularity for the last five years. You will never get disappointed visiting the website of Series Online. Because the user-interface of the website is so friendly and helpful in order to search for the specific content within a few minutes. Although the website was created to only stream TV series, as the popularity has grown from nothing, it is also uploading the rich collection of most popular movies.

Series Craving:

Whenever you feel like watching entertaining content then you should visit the Series Craving website. The name itself says that it will help all the people who are craving to watch or stream exciting TV series over the internet for free. You will find all kinds of TV shows on the website such as Thrilling, Action, Crime, Comedy., Drama, etc. But the site does not contain any other content like movies or documentaries. So you may waste your time searching for such content over this website. Also, all the TV shows and series are arranged in a specific manner so that users can access it instantly.


PutlockerFilms is one of the latest movie streaming websites that have recently been created to serve its users with all the most popular movies and TV shows. You will find Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies along with the ones that have just been released in the theatres. The website offers its users all the categories with a clean menu for navigating easily through the website. One can browse through various defined categories such as Most viewed movies, Top IMDB list, TV series, and other Genres. The quality of all the entertaining content available on the website is of high quality.


As one of the famous alternative websites to Couchtuner, IWANNAWATCH is offering a sort of same entertainment content. The simple and straightforward design of the website makes it helpful for the user to locate their favorite movies and TV shows on the website. There will not be any kind of hassle or ads while you are streaming online from the website. It is sure that you will get what you desire as IWANNAWATCH has a huge collection of movies, TV shows, Web series, etc. Due to the clean user-interface and categorized content, the website is one of the best to stream several things.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

We are sure that you may have many questions about the Couchtuner website. So we have made a list of the most frequently asked question so which will surely provide you essential information about such websites. You can have a look at the FAQs that are shown right below.

Is Couchtuner Legal?

No, the website is Couchtuner not legal as it promotes pirated websites as well as pirated content. As the website is violating the piracy laws, it has been banned in some of the regions by the government officials. It will be better if you stay away from such pirated websites.

Are there any risks involved in using Couchtuner?

Whenever you are visiting any pirated websites to download or stream from the website. Then you may have the risk of exposing your privacy or personal information to the hackers out there. They may get access to your personal information while you are streaming your favorite movie unknowingly.

Why is Couchtuner still up and running smoothly?

Even though government officials have banned the website, it is still running smoothly without any obstruction due to the altering of domain names. The website is constantly changing the domain names so that no person can track them down. Most pirated websites are also surviving with the help of proxy links that direct the users to the original website.

Author’s Note:

As it is illegal and unsafe to download or stream movies online from such pirated websites like the Couchtuner website, we recommend you to avoid using it. We respect the anti-piracy law made by the government and we do not promote any kind of pirated websites or content in this article, This article is only for providing information to our valuable readers so that they can be aware of illegal websites and activities in which they should not involve. However, if you are choosing to use pirated websites like Couchtuner, then you will be doing it on your own risks.