Control Z: The Mexican Elite premieres on Netflix


Sofia is on a mission to unmask the hacker from the National College.


If you liked Elite and 13 Reasons Why, get ready because the mexican series Control Z It has just been released on Netflix and paints to become your new quarantine series.

Control Z It is directed by Bernardo De La Rosa and Alejandro Lozano (director of Killing outs). The new Netflix proposal is developed at the Colegio Nacional, a prestigious school in Mexico City that will remind you a little of Las Encinas in Elite.

However, unlike the Spanish and American series, in Control Z nobody dies (at least in the first two chapters I could see to write this review). The villain to beat is a hacker who intends to divulge the intimate secrets of Nacional’s students.

The truth is that this Mexican series has a little bit of everything, as it deals with complex issues such as bullying and inequality between social classes, while also developing various stories of love and revenge. However, unlike other series, Control WITH follows the line of a criminological drama a bit, in the style of Rescue criminals but in its adolescent version where everyone lives on their cell phones. In the series Sofía (Ana Valeria Becerril), a little social student and very observant, she will apply her detective gifts to expose the school hacker. Or at least that is her intention.

My recommendation is that if you belong to generation Z and you liked them so much Elite how 13 Reasons WhyI don’t see why this series will not become one of your favorites.

Control Z premieres on May 22 on Netflix, and although its cast is made up mostly of young people with a short career, there are faces known as that of the protagonist Becerril, who had a leading role in the Mexican film. The Daughters of April, and Xabiani Ponce de León, who starred This is not Berlin. They are joined by Paulina Castro, who had a secondary role in The flower house, Ariana Saavedra who appeared in a Maluma video clip, and Michael Ronda, antagonist in the Disney Channel series I am Luna, among several others.

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