Cabinet Of Curiosities Release Date, Cast Members, Storyline, and Everything You Need To Know

Cabinet Of Curiosities Release Date, Cast Members, Storyline, and Everything You Need To Know

The latest horror series from Netflix and Guillermo del Toro is finally coming this Halloween! Fans have been waiting for such an interesting anthology series and now they are getting one.

There is so much terror and fascination waiting for viewers in form of various mysterious characters described by the popular directors and the makers. Soon with the release of this thrilling series, Netflix is going to give us all another series to remember! 

Cabinet Of Curiosities Release Date

There is going to be a total of 8 episodes and it can be binge-watched on Halloween night when all the episodes will be available on Netflix. The first two episodes are going to be released by 25th October 2022.

After that, there will be two episodes released every day. This is something fans are going to love and enjoy. Here is the official schedule for each episode:

1st and 2nd Episode Release: 25th October 2022

3rd and 4th Episode Release: 26th October 2022

5th and 6th Episode Release: 27th October 2022

7th and 8th Episode Release: 28th October 2022. 

Cabinet Of Curiosities Trailer Release

Netflix has already released the trailer for the series and fans are loving it! Viewers who enjoy short horror shows – this one’s perfect for them. The trailer shows how all 8 episodes of the show are going to look.

It shows how people who love history and art go on collecting things with historical importance and keep them, sometimes restoring them. 

Such a room or say “Cabinet” holding so many secrets from history is of supreme significance. Do you remember the Warrens, who also kept a locked room containing all the dark and possessed objects?

They have collected all such dark items to keep them away from everyone. So even if they are possessed once again, it doesn’t go on hurting people anymore. But what to say about it? Just a possibility though, what if someone finds the key to this room and gets access to it? What then? 

The Makers Team of Cabinet Of Curiosities

The series is by popular writer and director Guillermo del Toro. His previous horror characters and work include award-winning Shape of Water, Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy and so many more.

He has also been working with Netflix on projects such as Tales of Arcadia Trilogy: Troll Hunters, 3 Below, and Wizards. His latest work is Cabinet of Curiosities which is soon going to be released.

The short series was initially named Guillermo Del Toro Presents 10 After Midnight. But later on, it was renamed and given the current name. 

One more interesting thing about the series is that it is being directed by various directors. The stories are written by separate writers and directed by various popularly known directors. 

Episode 1:

The first episode is titled “Thr Murmuring” and is directed by Jennifer Kent from The Babadook. The story of this episode is among the original stories in Guillermo del Toro’s short story. We will see Essie Davis, Andrew Lincoln, and Hannah Galway in the first episode. 

Episode 2:

The second episode is “The Autopsy” which will be directed by David Prior. He is popular for his work of The Empty Man. We will get to see Luke Roberts, F. Murray Abraham along with Glynn Turman. This episode is based on a short story from Michael Shea and the writer for this episode is David S. Goyer. 

Episode 3:

The third episode has the title “Lot 36”; we have cinematographer Guillermo Navarro as the director. The cast members are Sebastian Roche, Tim Blake Nelson, and Elpidia Carillo. The episode is based initially on Guillermo’s short story but Regina Carrado writes it. 

Episode 4:

This episode’s title is “Pickman’s Model” and sounds quite interesting. Director for the fourth episode is Keith Thomas and will have Ben Barnes and Crispin Glover starring in various roles.

The director’s previous work includes Firestarter by Stephen King. The story of this episode is also amongst short stories by H.P. Lovecraft which is written by Lee Patterson. Such popular writers make episodes even more interesting with their unique story writing style. 

Episode 5:

The fifth episode’s director will be Panos Cosmatos who also happens to be the co-writer along with  Aron Stewart-Ahn. The due have also worked together on Mandy and are quite amazing at it.

We will get to see Peter Weller and Sofia Boutella in this episode. There will be Eric Andre, Michael Therriault, and Saad Siddique playing different roles. The title of this episode is “The Viewing.” 

Episode 6:

The 6th Episode is titled “Dreams in the Witch House” and will be directed by Catherine Hardwicke. The episode stars Ismael Cruz Cordova, DJ Qualls, Nia Vardalos, Rupert Grint, Gaby Moreno, and Tenika Davis. It will be based on a short story by H. P. Lovecraft. 

Episode 7:

This episode is “The Outside” and will be directed by Ana Lily Amirpour. It is based on a short story by Emily Carroll. This episode has Kate Micucci and Martin Starr playing different roles throughout the episode. 

Episode 8:

The last episode has an interesting title “Graveyard Rats” and the director is Vincenzo Natali. It is based on a short story by Henry Kuttner and the teleplay is done by Vincenzo Natali.

The cast member details for this episode are not available as of now, but one cast member is David Hewlett. He will be playing one of the lead roles for the final episode of the series. 

Cabinet Of Curiosities Cast Members

  • Rupert Grint  from Servant, Harry Potter
  • Ismael Cruz Cordova from Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power
  • DJ Qualls Turning Point, Supernatural
  • Nia Vardalos from best known for My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  • Tenika Davis from Jupiter’s Legacy
  • David Hewlett from The Shape of Water, Stargate: Atlantis
  • Tim Blake Nelson from Watchmen, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
  • Elpidia Carrillo from Predator, Euphoria
  • Demetrius Grosse from Fear the Walking Dead, Lovecraft Country
  • Sebastian Roché from The Man in the High Castle, The Young Pope
  • Ben Barnes from Shadow and Bone, Westworld
  • Murray Abraham from Homeland, Amadeus
  • Crispin Glover from Rivers Edge, Charlie’s Angels
  • Oriana Leman from The Whale, The Detectives
  • Glynn Turman from Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
  • Luke Roberts from Ransom, Black Sails
  • Essie Davis from The Babadook
  • Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead
  • Hannah Galway from Sex/Life
  • Kate Micucci from The Little Hours, Mom
  • Martin Starr from Silicon Valley, Party Down
  • Peter Weller from The Colosseum (Yet To Release)
  • Eric André from The Eric Andre Show
  • Sofia Boutella from Kingsman: The Secret Service
  • Charlyne Yi from Always Be My Maybe, Good Girls
  • Steve Agee from Peacemaker, The Suicide Squad
  • Michael Therriault from Locke and Key
  • Saad Siddiqui from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
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