BPAS Portal Karnataka – Online Land and Building Plan Approval System (LBPAS)

BPAS Portal Karnataka – Online Land and Building Plan Approval System (LBPAS)

In the recent CORNA era, everyone wants the process easier and online mode. The process will be easy as they are in an online way. The private company is doing its work in an online manner. The company owner requests the employee to do all the work in an online mode.

To do work online, many benefits are available. The work efficiency will increase. The amount of work can be counted—the increase in digital literacy. The work will be smarter than before. The user can use the latest technology. The process of doing work becomes easy with the help of advanced technology.

Earlier, the employee has to work in office hours only. With the help of online mode, people can work anytime they want, so that the efficiency of work will also increase. New inventions, new ideas can take the place of the old process.

About BPAS Portal Karnataka:

As we all know that the government has launched the program to increase the efficiency in government work named Digital India program. The other aim of the government is to remove the middle man by implementing the digital process in every service of the government.

However, the government launched this program in 2015. But this program becomes beneficial in this COVID-19 era. The person can get all the facilities at home with an online mode. They do not have to visit any government office for any work.

To give the promotion of the Digital India program, the Karnataka government has launched the portal named BPAS. This portal is related to provide the approval to the land and building plan to the contractor of the state.

The people of the state can get online permission to the building a plan, online layout, change of land permission, etc. This portal will make the process of the building plan approval easier. The person will not have to visit the concerned department of the government for the approval of the plan and land use approval.

However, in the process of approving the building plan, the layout of the building plan will become transparent. This means the person will have to pay for the approval of the plan to the middleman.

Before the portal, if the person wants to get approval from the government, they have to pay to the middleman illegally. This process of payment to the middle will remove from this portal. However, this portal is developed and initiated by the department of urban development of Karnataka.

This portal will also give the output of the approval fastly as the human interfere is not there in the process. So with the help of this portal, the process of land approving, building plan-approving become straightforward, transparent, less time-consuming.

Registration of BPAS portal to get approval:

To get a license through the online process, you have to register on the portal. The method of registering on the portal is as below:

  • http://onlinebpas.in/KA/Index.aspx is the government website for the portal. This is the official link to the government website.
  • On the government website, you have to click on the tab ‘portal’ on the first page of the website. You will show this tab on the right side of the site.
  • The portal section will open, you have to click on the ‘go’ button under the ‘citizen’ tab.
  • When you click on the ‘go’ button, then the LBPAS portal will open. The full name of LBPAS is ‘land and building plan approval system.’
  • The direct link of the LBPAS system is
  • On this link, the applicant has to click on the register button, and the registration form will open.
  • The applicant has to fill the detailed form and give all the information required for the registration. After registration, you can run the portal to get the online approval for the land, building plan.