Border Rangoli Designs

It is sure that if you love to make Rangoli Designs at home then there is no better time than now. All of you must be well aware that Diwali – The Festival of Lights is almost on your doorsteps.

Within a few days, we all will be able to celebrate Diwali on the 14th of November that happens to be on Saturday.


Rangoli is the tradition that almost everyone follows when we are talking about Diwali celebrations. 

There is a large number of people who have been waiting for the Diwali or Deepavali festival in order to celebrate it with a lot of excitement as well as happiness.


Most people are waiting to buy new clothes, decorate the home with attractive lamps, enlighten the interior, and of course, making a beautiful Rangoli design at home.

Border Rangoli Designs is what most people believe to be the best kind of Rangoli to draw at home during the Diwali festival.


Although drawing the Border Rangoli is not an easy task, it will be possible for you to make it within an hour or two. 

If you are thinking of making a Border Rangoli Design at home for Dhanteras, Diwali, or New Year then you are indeed in the right place.


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Here, you can find some of the best Border Rangoli Designs with the help of which you can express your excitement to celebrate the festival.

Whether you want to draw a large Border Rangoli or if you like more of a short and simple Border Rangoli, it is sure that you will find it here.

Won’t it be amazing and fascinating to hear the praises for the beautiful and breathtaking Border Rangoli Design from all the guests that will arrive at your home to wish and greet on this Diwali? Yes, right.

So without waiting more, you should choose your favorite Border Rangoli Designs for Diwali and New Year.