Bitter flower fills the Mexican pandemic with music

Mexican singer Flor Amargo is being an inspiring figure for many and shocking to others during this quarantine, occupying the empty streets singing on the roof of a van, a motivation that arises, she told Efe, of the times she has been told that no.

“I’ve gotten used to all the people saying that I can’t, always. (…) I am already used to adversity and when everyone closed the doors to me I looked for the street ”, he explained in an interview.

And it is that Amargo, of original name Emma Mayte Carballo, began his artistic career in the streets of Mexico City offering concerts to passers-by, from which he began to gain fame not only for his enormous ability and talent with music, but also for his charisma.

Creativity is, the artist considered, one of her great capabilities and, to the surprise of many, she managed to fill streets of the center of the Mexican capital with music that were not only in literal silence, but also metaphorical due to the fear generated by the environment. to COVID-19.

Amargo considered that in such complex moments, creativity can never be set aside to leave unscathed or, at least, serene.

“The only thing you always have to keep open is creativity. Thank God I have always had incredible creativity and (in this situation) I said ‘why don’t I go over a’ combi ‘to play?’ ”He explained.

She also insisted that creativity comes from the fact that she has been used to “the doors being closed” since she wanted to be an actress and pianist as a child and they did not allow her any.

Therefore, she said, she turned frustration and bad experiences into energy to search for other options and continue creating, especially in times of crisis, which she relates to opportunities.

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“Every time there is a crisis there is an opportunity, and I always feel in my heart that the best is coming. I always keep thinking that the crisis is something normal to deal with and during which you have to work, ”said the 32-year-old Mexican.

On the “combi” and when he got off it, the music has increased his number of followers who support it, something he is sincerely grateful for, but he has also encountered “haters” who do not understand his personality or his way of life.

“I have many haters, yes it is true, but it is normal because I am an unconventional character, I scream, laugh and say everything. What happens is that like everything I fight with laughter, many people don’t like it, ”he said.

But with the people who feel rejection towards her she is also grateful because they make “cool memes”. Even so, she considered that this rejection may be related to envy and wanting to change it and transform it into a different person.

And soon, when she was younger, she began to accept that the world doesn’t care about anything, those who hate her will always do it and that those who follow her do it because they like who she is. “I have decided for today to lose the fear of what they are going to say about me,” he snapped.

In the same way, the artist transformed her mother’s not very orthodox practices with a “flying shoe” in the character of Mama Amargo, through whom she is becoming increasingly known on the TikTok social network.

Many people are empathizing and laughing with these videos as they remember how their mothers, aunts, or grandmothers tried to educate them.

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“It is like a parody of what I lived: my mother used the classic, from a distance she measured and threw the flip flop or, trying to create concern in me, she said to me ‘if you continue like this I will inject you’,” he explained.

Even so, he wanted to add that his mother has changed and that he understands her better now, so these videos are also a message for mothers, so that they see that by being more loving they can better understand and heal their children.

In addition to the aforementioned projects, Amargo also has a music school that had to be stopped by the pandemic, but he is teaching online and invites everyone to become a collaborator on his Facebook page to be able to receive music theory lessons. or sing.

“I teach them catartic pop, which is what I do: do catharsis with music and take it from a more therapy perspective than do, re, mi, do, re, mi. It is another way of learning music ”, she specified.

And it is that, for her, this discipline “is the easiest way to reach feelings”, since, as soon as you “hit the play, something begins to move within you and that does not happen in some other arts.”

“What I recommend is that sometimes it’s worth being sad, not everything is happiness, but music will make you draw tears that you have saved. It is a communion with the soul. In this pandemic I attach great importance to being able to learn something artistic because I see art as a great bridge to heal ”, the singer finished.


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