Beret imposes his romanticism from Sevillian lands

These days, he is much calmer than in the previous weeks, because he can now go out on the streets with greater freedoms, as well as be reunited with his family and friends. But he was stuck in his house for three months due to the quarantine imposed before the advance of Covid-19.

“I had a very specific plan for this year, but I had to adapt to circumstances,” he told us through a telephone connection with the Spanish city of Seville, where he was born and where he continues to live. “Now that things have started to change, we plan to do two concerts, but we are not sure, because there have been some flares. The tour is officially postponed to 2021. “

Despite the adverse circumstances, our interviewee, Beret (born 24 years ago as Francisco Javier Álvarez Beret) has tried to take the circumstances in a positive way. “I am composing and attending to my personal affairs, because it was a long time since I spent time on myself,” he said. “I am happy”.

His first and only album so far, Prisma was released in October 2019, which means he was still alive when it comes to promotions through live performances; but the main reason for our conversation was the premiere of “Still you love me”, a completely new song that does not come from that record production.

“He has had an incredible reception, and I am very happy that people have sent me all the beautiful messages he has sent me and that he continues to want to listen to me after the eight months without stopping when we toured with that album,” Beret said.

“The lyrics speak of what happens when you doubt if the person who is with you really loves you, especially when reality seems to say otherwise,” he added. “It’s very direct, and I think it’s actually the only song of mine you could dedicate to the person you want to cut with.”

The same piece has been accompanied by an animated video in which only the artist’s back is seen while walking through a desert, and according to the singer, refers to the illusions that one has when thinking that there is another person who loves you. , when the truth is that everything ends up being simply “a movie that we have mounted on our heads”.

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It’s not all pain

“You still love me” is a very emotional and very intense ballad, as have been several of the compositions that have made Beret the new sensation of the genre, although he himself also has much more rhythmic pieces, such as ” Dream ”, which he made in collaboration with his compatriot Pablo Alborán.

“Anyone who listens to my entire album will realize that I sing reggae, pop and songs with Latin influences,” he emphasized. “The ‘Sueño’ thing is very special, because it begins as a ballad but then becomes very lively, which results in a fusion between Pablo’s pop and the urbanity of my music.”

Be that as it may, it cannot be denied that the fame he enjoys is intimately linked to his slow creations and bleak lyrics, which has even led to speculation about the origin of this sadness, which some relate to a painting. of depression from the past and with his usual shyness.

“I have not lived more or less than anyone [esa clase de experiencias], but each person processes them differently ”, he explained. “Maybe I have not gone through ten heartbreak to write the same number of songs, but one that has made me write those ten.”

“Anyway, I have many happy songs, with another kind of messages; and not all my ballads are of heartbreak, but can also be of self-improvement, of loving yourself before you love someone else, “he added.

A special voice

The truth is that Beret’s current success is impressive, despite the fact that he is a relatively new artist. He has 5.5 million subscribers on the combined Spotify and YouTube platforms, and his songs have been listened to there more than 1,500,000,000 times. On YouTube, the video for “Sueño” has more than 9 million views, and the video for “Still you love me” is close to 6 million.

“I am very amazed, but in a positive way,” said the Sevillian. “With numbers like this, I interpret that people have connected very well with my message, because they constantly support me; And that, in addition to looking fantastic, makes me very happy, because it was not really something I expected. “

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Initially, Beret did not want to be a singer, and that may have to do with the fact that his vocal style is very different from what is expected to be found in the fields of pop. “I was studying to be a sound technician, and I was very afraid to get into singing, until a friend put a recording of me on YouTube,” he recalled.

“No one taught me to sing; I did it on my own, as a hobby, and the truth is that I’m glad I did it that way, because that must be what gives me a specific personality as an interpreter, ”he continued. “It seems to me that I found my own label. Now I have started taking classes, but not to change my style, but to learn some technique and not end up hoarse after two concerts in a row ”.

Latin American presence

In “Prisma”, in addition to his duet with Alborán, Beret collaborated with artists from this side of the pond, such as the Colombian Sebastián Yatra (through the song “Vuelve”) and the Mexican Sofía Reyes (through “Lo sorry”), what could be seen as a conscious effort to insert into the profitable Latin American market.

“The Sebastian thing happened because his manager had heard the song; He told him about it, and he liked the idea, “the artist told us. “Something similar happened with Sofia. By talking to you I am realizing that I owe a lot to luck, to destiny, because in this way very good things have come out. I value naturalness more than doing things to do them ”.

Beret still owes a great debt to the United States, where she has not offered a concert, although she did have the opportunity to sing alongside Sofía Reyes on stage at the most recent edition of the Latin American Music Awards, which was held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles in late 2019.

“The plan for 2020 included traveling to Latin America, in the month of November; doing something big in the United States was not planned at the moment, “he acknowledged. “All of that changed, of course. But I’m doing personal things that I couldn’t do in the previous four years because I was constantly on tour. ”


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